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Feb 2018

Planning to build a content marketing calendar? Read this first

Content Marketing Calendar Scatter
A content marketing calendar in its simplest form is a roster of content to be created over a period of time, in multiple formats and distributed to the target audience through multiple platforms. A content calendar benefits your brand in the following ways:  Ensures you don’t miss out on any relevant opportunity to create compelling content  Maps delivery channels to ensure the content is consumed by the target audience on different.....
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Content marketing ideas for February 2018

content marketing - an illustration made to welcome february
February is the time to bid adieu to winter, to welcome spring and celebrate the season of love. As some people are planning their holidays to celebrate their love, others are anxious thinking about the budget announcement and school exams around the corner. This month has a different meaning to different people, providing your brand.....
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Content marketing: Branded content opportunities: Dec 2017

Content Marketing : December
December is buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm, offering ample content marketing opportunities for brands like yours to indulge in the trending and hottest conversations. Here are some content pegs to help you make a powerful and impactful finale to the year and kick-start the new one with a bang! 1. World AIDS Day, 1st December.....
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