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Talking points for your content calendar for May 2017

content marketing ideas - an illustration of the may season
May is about parched throats and tan lines. May is about staying hydrated. May is about juices, buttermilk, cold coffee, and iced teas. May is when 20:20 cricket reaches its grand finale. May is about football action. May is about air conditioners and coolers. May is about higher electricity bills. May is about swimming and.....
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Jan 2017

How to Make an Effective Content Calendar

On a daily basis, a sea of content is released into the internet for popular consumption. How this content is consumed and shared depends on quality, relevance, reach and its ability to engage netizens (users). All these parameters assume all the more importance if you are looking to digitally market a particular product or service.....
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Content marketing ideas for October 2016

Check out the PDF version of our content marketing calendar HERE or view it below: October 2016- Editorial Calendar from Scatter from Spiral Content Solutions Private Limited
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