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Feb 2021

Digital assets need more than a cloud drive. Here’s why

Digital asset Management
The shift to hybrid workplaces and remote operations has resulted in increasing adoption of cloud storage systems. According to research conducted by IDC in 2020, 64% of organizations are looking to spend extensively on the cloud. Some of the drivers behind the stellar growth of cloud storage include peerless accessibility, enviable flexibility, and tremendous cost-effectiveness......
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Feb 2021

Why content automation is a marketer’s best friend

Content automation: what, why, and how
Creating unique, relevant, and engaging content helps you develop a relationship with both potential and existing customers. Irrespective of the size and type of business, content plays an important role in educating customers, helping them make informed decisions, and ultimately, strengthening the loyalty they have for the brand. However, regularly bringing out content and managing.....
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Jan 2021

Importance of content brainstorming sessions

Importance of content brainstorming
Ask any marketer, and they will agree that a good content strategy often hinges on great ideas (not to mention, perfect execution). However, coming up with creative ideas round the clock can be quite a challenge. Creativity doesn’t appear out of thin air and can strike at odd hours. However, deadlines don’t wait for inspiration,.....
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