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Jan 2020

How to feed content for best results along the buyer journey

Content Marketing Buyer Journey
Selling a product online isn’t easy in the face of intense competition. Content marketing thus becomes more significant than ever. And a good content marketing strategy should possess some essential ingredients to feed the consumer with the right content at the right time. As a seasoned digital marketer, you will know that there are different.....
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Nov 2019

How to create a content marketing strategy to drive more conversions

Content Marketing Strategy
There’s a popular adage about content that every website owner, social media expert, and YouTuber will be familiar with. It goes: “Content is the king of the blog.” This axiom is spot on because every blog, website, social media platform, and YouTube channel needs excellent content. Unless you have superb content, you’re unlikely to be able to fulfill.....
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Aug 2019

How to build a content marketing team for your startup

Marketing Team
No matter which marketing channel you may talk about, content is at the center of it all. Content helps a brand reach out to its target audience and connect with them. A well-thought-out content marketing campaign can really help your startup gain the traction it needs. More than 70% of marketers say that content marketing increases.....
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