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Oct 2018

A guide to measuring success for content marketers

Content Marketing Strategy - An illustration showing a meter on top and several web pages connected to that - Scatter
Before you sit down to measure the success of your content marketing strategy, you first need to define your goal. It can be anything from spreading brand awareness to driving conversations around the brand to actual sales. Only when the goal has been outlined can you realistically attempt to gauge the success of your content.....
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Apr 2018

Great content marketing examples for audience engagement Vol. I

Audience engagement - advertisement from HP studio on "The Wolf" and the LEGO Batman advertisement - Scatter
Brands want to become publishers and producers of content. Marketers have finally acknowledged that good content is the way to a consumer’s heart; it is essential to drive audience engagement and conversations. Keeping content consumers ‘engaged’ means a couple of things. There are presentation aspects to be considered. The content should be interesting, meaning it.....
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Sep 2017

Marketing your business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Content Marketing
LinkedIn is a growing business networking site which provides various ways to promote yourself, your business, and your brand. Marketing with LinkedIn works well with other promotional efforts and is easy to implement. Here are some tips to help you get started.   Profile Points! Marketing with LinkedIn starts with setting up a strong profile......
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