Rajan Srinivasan

Jun 2020

Secrets behind building a world-class content marketing team

Content Marketing Team
This article was originally published on AdGully  Looking for a versatile writer who owns content and has what it takes to lead a team of writers and editors. Sounds familiar, right? This and a few other traits are on the wish list of every marketer looking to hire a content resource for their budding content.....
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Aug 2019

How to build a content marketing team for your startup

Marketing Team
No matter which marketing channel you may talk about, content is at the center of it all. Content helps a brand reach out to its target audience and connect with them. A well-thought-out content marketing campaign can really help your startup gain the traction it needs. More than 70% of marketers say that content marketing increases.....
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Feb 2018

What a content marketing team should look like

An image showing the content marketing team - Content Marketing Team Scatter
A successful content marketing program requires a dedicated team of experts. Here’s who you need: Managing Editor :  One of the most critical positions in the content marketing team. An experienced storyteller who can strategise, write, and oversee content projects to ensure brand and tone consistency, publishing cadence and therefore drive business goals through content......
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