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Jun 2020

ABC’s of a good content marketing strategy

ABCs Content Marketing Strategy
Your content marketing strategy provides your business teams a structure to achieve business goals. Not only is it essential that you have a content marketing strategy, but you should also document the content generation process. A documented content marketing strategy will keep you from that floundering feeling while at marketing. It will also lessen the.....
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Jun 2020

Putting users at the center of your social media content strategy

Putting users at the center of your content strategy
What brands are doing right now  Brands resort to all sorts of tactics to make sure they are heard and seen (and in some cases, experienced). Basically, they make sure that every little detail of their products, services, and history is available for users to consume. Except… how many users actually need to know all of that? The issue arises.....
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Apr 2020

27 Content Marketing Opportunities for your May 2020 calendar

May Content Marketing Opportunities
We sure live in baffling times, and the world of social media has never been a more engaging place. Virtual tours and webinars have replaced summer vacations and events. Tales of mango pudding and aam panna are making up for canceled get-togethers and dinner dates. Online sessions and workshops are replacing vocational training and extracurricular.....
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