Feb 2021

8 Things you can learn from publishers to boost your content marketing

content stratergy
Marketing has evolved in the last few decades. From in-your-face print and digital advertisements, it has become a more subtle art form. Today, content marketing has become an absolute favorite with marketers, and for a good reason. A survey of 1500 companies revealed that 84 percent have a content marketing strategy because they deem it.....
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Dec 2020

How to Craft a High-Impact Content Strategy – a Template

Scatter Content Strategy Template
Content marketing is a much-debated topic. Many marketers misconstrue incessant content publishing as central to a successful content marketing strategy. It isn’t. Posting without deliberate thought or aim merely to drive traffic and engagement can confuse your audience about brand messaging and, at times, scare them off. Download the template here Campaign Strategy is Not.....
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Jun 2020

ABC’s of a good content marketing strategy

ABCs Content Marketing Strategy
Your content marketing strategy provides your business teams a structure to achieve business goals. Not only is it essential that you have a content marketing strategy, but you should also document the content generation process. A documented content marketing strategy will keep you from that floundering feeling while at marketing. It will also lessen the.....
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