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Apr 2020

27 Content Marketing Opportunities for your May 2020 calendar

May Content Marketing Opportunities
We sure live in baffling times, and the world of social media has never been a more engaging place. Virtual tours and webinars have replaced summer vacations and events. Tales of mango pudding and aam panna are making up for canceled get-togethers and dinner dates. Online sessions and workshops are replacing vocational training and extracurricular.....
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Aug 2019

Tips to create a brand tagline that connects with audiences

Brand Tagline Concept
“Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” –Jeff Bezos The terms brand and tagline are often used interchangeably today. Even though a tagline does not entirely define the brand, it is a step towards making a powerful brand identity. Which is why when you hear the lines ‘The Happiest.....
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Apr 2018

Great content marketing examples for audience engagement Vol. I

Audience engagement - advertisement from HP studio on "The Wolf" and the LEGO Batman advertisement - Scatter
Brands want to become publishers and producers of content. Marketers have finally acknowledged that good content is the way to a consumer’s heart; it is essential to drive audience engagement and conversations. Keeping content consumers ‘engaged’ means a couple of things. There are presentation aspects to be considered. The content should be interesting, meaning it.....
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