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Sep 2020

Introducing the TikTok challenger: Instagram Reels

Instareels : How brands can leverage the platform - Instagram Content Marketing
In early August, Instagram introduced a brand-new feature called Instagram Reels, which makes for fun and interactive Instagram stories and relevant video content. It’s an innovative way to create and discover short entertaining videos on Instagram for individuals, creators, and businesses. Loosely based on the format of TikTok and Snapchat, Reels are short 15-second videos.....
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Aug 2020

Content and Commerce: Way Forward in Digital Marketing

Content and Commerce : Way Forward for Digital Marketing
In 1996, Bill Gates, in his essay “Content is King”, forecasted the then new-born internet’s power to fuel content and promise better outreach. Companies who innovate new ways of entertaining, informing customers with content will thrive on the internet. Today it rings truer than ever, and it’s not an overstatement to say content has transcended.....
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Apr 2020

27 Content Marketing Opportunities for your May 2020 calendar

May Content Marketing Opportunities
We sure live in baffling times, and the world of social media has never been a more engaging place. Virtual tours and webinars have replaced summer vacations and events. Tales of mango pudding and aam panna are making up for canceled get-togethers and dinner dates. Online sessions and workshops are replacing vocational training and extracurricular.....
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