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Nov 2020

Content media acquisition – What can it do for marketers?

Content Media Acquisition
Content generation and marketing are expensive; it requires capital, effort, and the skill to put something new on the table. While creating fresh content and building new marketing strategy models regularly or, for every new product and service is a great way to garner an audience, it may not be ideal in terms of cost.....
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Sep 2020

5 Challenges every freelancer in India would identify with

5 Challenges faced by every freelancer in India
Imagine a job where you can work from any place you like, at a time that suits you, at a pace that matches your tempo. A job where you work on your terms! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? As a freelancer, these are some of many advantages you can expect. However, freelancing.....
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May 2018

A freelancer’s guide to writing effective proposals

proposal - a person using his workspace with a laptop, calculator and notebook
A proposal, as the name suggests, is all about putting forward a scheme, an idea, a solution, or a plan. It is a fundamental part of any business project; essentially the ‘pillar’ that finalises the deal. So it is very important that your proposal is written in such a way that the deal doesn’t fall.....
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