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Nov 2019

How will Google’s algorithm changes affect your brand?

Google BERT Search Algorithm
Any news of a tweak in Google’s search algorithm is a heart-in-the-mouth situation for many digital marketers. If it’s a major update, it can result in a massive reshuffle in rankings. Penalizing or blocking of websites is bound to take place, which could affect your brand’s visibility in due course. If you are someone who.....
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Jun 2018

Google and SEO considerations to connect better with your audiences

SEO - A man surfing the net through his phone
Most brands now appreciate the power of content marketing, but there is a particular science to getting it right. As most people know, being a good writer is not enough for a successful content marketing strategy. Therefore, this article looks at some considerations for Google and SEO in your approach. 1. Be aware of what.....
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