Minal Malli

May 2020

How influencers are adapting to create content during lockdown

influencer content
The world has changed drastically since the COVID-19 outbreak and influencers are gradually learning to navigate this new landscape. The income they once earned by flaunting their extravagant lifestyle – travel, public events, luxury fashion, and fine dining – is now dormant. So how are they adapting to the current scenario and still going strong?.....
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Jun 2018

Follow these steps to become a successful LinkedIn influencer

LinkedIn - A businessman with arrow pointing towards his connections
LinkedIn is a useful social media platform, especially from a business angle. It is indeed different from other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is an excellent option for those looking to be an influencer. Let’s explore the subject further by detailing some things that need to be done if you wish to become.....
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Feb 2018

Influencers vs Prosumers: Which can fulfill your content marketing needs?

leadership concept male hand drawing group of people and leader - Content Marketing prosumers and influencers Scatter
With the advent of the social media, the age of influencers and prosumers is here. And the partnership between these people and brands is the key to accelerate the process of generating trust amongst the brand’s users through people who transmit authenticity, transparency and, above all, manage to achieve sufficient authority to be recommenders in.....
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