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Sep 2019

How to generate more leads for your business with infographics

Generate Leads with Infographics
Infographics are more than just pretty pictures with cool text. They reflect reliable data, perfect design, and easy readability. Once you accomplish this trio, your infographic will be truly enticing. But why go to all this trouble when “plain text” will do the job? The answer lies in our brains. Over 90% of the information sent.....
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Aug 2018

7 Ways to ensure your infographic is indexed by Google

content marketing, content marketing india, branded content, growth hacking, infographic optimisation
Do you know how much information is generated on a daily basis? The answer lies in this real-time counter. In an age where information overload is at an all-time high and attention spans are at their lowest, a visual break goes a long way in holding the reader’s interest. If your digital content involves intensive.....
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Jul 2018

Where are investors putting their money in the content marketing landscape?

content marketing investment landscape - a businessman riding on a paper plane
Content marketing is a rapidly shifting game. All players are frequently jockeying for the consumer’s attention. But not everyone involved always understands how to select the best team that can deliver for them. One such group is the investors. How can they become aware of optimum areas of focus in content marketing investment landscape? They.....
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