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May 2019

How chatbots can power lead generation for B2B players

Chatbots - Businessman on blurred background using digital chatbot robot application 3D rendering - Scatter
We’ve comfortably stepped into the era where messaging is the de-facto way of communicating, and direct and latent AI integrations are becoming more common than we think. And chatbots are the perfect example of a combination of the two. When we think of AI technology, we often think of a more in-depth, macro and micro.....
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Apr 2019

7 Email Newsletters that every marketer must subscribe to

Email Newsletters Concept : Hand holding smartphone with receive newsletter form screen on cafe background
As a marketing professional, there is perhaps no better place to learn about the latest news in the industry than through newsletters. Quality content combined with a fresh fluid voice makes a newsletter both, easy and interesting to read. It comes as no surprise then, that newsletters are one of the most effective marketing tools......
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