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Jul 2019

Tips to prepare for a panel discussion at a content marketing conference

Panel Speaker on Stage Presenting Vision and Ideas. Conference Lecture Hall. Blurred De-focused Unidentifiable Presenter and Audience. People Attendees. Business Technology Event. Debate Discussion. Concept - Panel Discussion - Content Marketing Conference
Dale Carnegie once said, “There are always three speeches for everyone. One you actually gave, the one you practiced and the one you wish you gave.”  Living by this thought during a panel discussion can help you accomplish ideas you desire to convey. The purpose of a panel discussion at a content marketing conference is.....
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Nov 2017

How to make your panel discussion successful

Cracking a conference - How make a panel discussion successful
Panel Discussions are an important part of a conference and delegates look forward to listening to, and interacting with the panellists. The content has to be good; the panellists should be a diverse mix (not motley crew!) of highly experienced, knowledgeable and senior people from the industry. They must be experts on the topic and.....
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