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Nov 2020

Check out these content studios from major publishers

Content Studios
A content studio is a multi-social media management platform. It contains all the essential content marketing tools that can help you develop, research, discover, plan, analyze, and publish top-tier content for your audiences. Statistics show that the CTR (click-through rate) for ads on Google Search decreased by 38% in 2020 since Q4 2019, while the.....
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Jun 2020

The art of content seeding for better content marketing engagement

Making content seeding work
In July 2013, Netflix aired the first episode of its popular series, ‘Orange Is the New Black’. Very broadly, the series is about women inmates, correctional officers, and their experiences. As with many Netflix serials, their marketing team went all out to promote the series. Chances are, even if you did not watch the series,.....
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Aug 2018

4 Reasons why publishers should leverage branded content

publishers need branded content - a businessman writing "GET PUBLISHED"
Branded content can be fun, interesting, informative, and edgy. It is a great way for brands to tell compelling stories and for publishers to build audience loyalty. For decades, advertising was the primary source of revenue for publishers. But owing to the slow growth of the traditional advertising market, branded content is now leading the.....
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