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Aug 2018

4 Reasons why publishers should leverage branded content

publishers need branded content - a businessman writing "GET PUBLISHED"
Branded content can be fun, interesting, informative, and edgy. It is a great way for brands to tell compelling stories and for publishers to build audience loyalty. For decades, advertising was the primary source of revenue for publishers. But owing to the slow growth of the traditional advertising market, branded content is now leading the.....
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Feb 2018

Publishing companies reinvent themselves as digital content providers

Scatter - News articles shown through print, tablet and phone - Publishing Companies
Print publications once depended heavily on advertising revenues. Before the noughties, there were lots of advertisements appearing in magazines and newspapers. However, with the onset of online publications, advertising in print began to diminish. Print publications such as newspapers and magazines struggled to make revenues and profits. Online advertising and new models like programmatic advertising.....
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Sep 2017

Why did we launch Scatter Recommends?

Scatter Recommends Independence Day
What is the cost of an idea? A pen, a paper, a moment. Who can put a price to a brainwave? The biggest ideas appear in seconds, and the smallest can have consequences that last a lifetime. For as long as humans have been around, ideas have changed the world. The idea of democracy was.....
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