Preeti Mishra

Apr 2020

Webinar Highlights: Content Marketing For the New Normal

Content Marketing Webinar
Marketers have always created markets where none existed, but how do you continue doing this in the unique times we live in? Will we ever get back to normal again? Do we still chase buyer personas? Do we pursue SEO-centric content marketing strategy to amplify brand visibility?   And the one question haunting every content marketer in.....
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May 2019

5 mistakes to avoid to rank higher on Instagram stories feed

A man hand holding iphone with search page screen of instagram stories. Instagram is largest and most popular photograph social networking
In 2016, Instagram launched the ‘Stories’ feature on the photo-sharing app. But it wasn’t the first social media platform to think up the idea. The feature was initially launched by Snapchat. But within two years of its release, the daily active users on Instagram Stories were twice as much as that of Snapchat.  Want to know how.....
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May 2018

Social media marketing : Publishing relevant & fresh content

social media marketing - social media logos printed on wooden blocks, placed together
One of the key components of a successful social media marketing strategy is fresh and relevant content. But, very often business hiccups and social media burnout can get in the way of managing a consistent and solid content strategy. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools and tricks that can help marketers stay organised, inspired,.....
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