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Apr 2019

7 superb ways social media guarantees a successful product launch

New Product Launch Marketing Commercial Innovation Concept - Image Lady using laptop and has a pen in hand and notebook is also on her desk
It must come as no surprise that social media has taken the world of business and marketing through a whirlwind of digitalisation and disruption. 75 per cent of marketing done by start-ups and corporations is purely digital, and of that, Instagram marketing holds the top slot. Not only are there 3.48 billion social media users in 2019, but there.....
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Mar 2019

User Generated Content : 6 Smart ways to utilise UGC for your brand

User Generated Content Concept - Happy Woman show excellent rating with 5 star icon
User-generated content is a blessing in disguise for digital marketers. User-generated content is original and authentic. And we all know that it isn’t only the users but also the search engines that value fresh, unique content. When we talk about users, around 82% of consumers consider user-generated reviews extremely valuable. When used with the right strategy, UGC content can.....
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Jul 2018

Social media marketing: Four mistakes brands should avoid

content marketing, content marketing india, branded content, growth hacking, scatter, social media
Social media marketing is something most brands feel they need to get involved in. However, getting things right on social media isn’t always as straightforward as some brands believe. This article explores some of the common mistakes that brands continue to make. Avoid these mistakes to ensure your brand gets things right. 1. Lack of.....
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