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Jan 2020

Best of TikTok campaigns that worked for brands in 2019

Best Tiktok Campaigns 2019 - Scatter
TikTok has lately come up as a new online social medium. Brands looking to explore new marketing opportunities have already begun to leverage this emerging digital marketing platform. With Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels fast clogging up, brands were quick to harness the benefits of a platform that was low in competition but very high on engagement. Let’s take a closer.....
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Dec 2019

How to make the best use of TikTok for branded content

TikTok Branded Content
Love it or hate it, there’s not a single day when one doesn’t encounter a TikTok video. It could be sent by a colleague, or it could be someone’s WhatsApp status, or you might see it on a social platform. In a very short time, this Chinese app has registered exponential growth, with its users increasing manifold. After acquiring, TikTok got access to a wider audience, and recently it managed to cross the 120.....
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