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Jun 2019

Youtube Trends to look out for to maximise your content reach

young girl pointing at a movie playback button. Concept - Youtube Trends
From becoming the second-largest search engine to transforming the way people discover information, YouTube is one of the fastest-growing video platforms in the world.  The platform has over 1 billion unique monthly visitors that stream hours of content every single day. Some videos end up becoming viral, while the rest get shunned away as short-lived.....
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Oct 2018

Basics of video editing you can’t do without

video editing - a man assisting a woman in editing a video
Did you know that over 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube each day? A sizeable chunk of that comprises branded video content, views of which have increased by 99% since June 2017. Understandably, video creation has become more ingrained in every brand’s marketing strategy. And if marketers are building a world that not only includes a.....
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Jun 2018

Video marketing works- but only when you nail the content

video marketing - a boy watching a video on his phone
Video content marketing works. And there are a growing number of studies to prove it. But put that aside for a second. Think of it this way. At the end of a long day, when you’re foraging the net for entertainment, do you pick a written piece or a video? There you are. Now let’s.....
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