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Dec 2020

Here’s what you need to create effective website content

With a whole new wave of online customers in 2020, a brand’s website has retained its tag as the most critical content marketing collateral. Yet most websites aren’t a delight to explore. What differentiates a memorable, useful website from one that has users reaching for the exit button? Let’s find out. 1. Clear content goals.....
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Jun 2020

Website Content : From Website Woes to Website Wows

Why Successful Brands Refresh Their Website Content
Fill it, shut it, forget it. That was the tagline of the erstwhile Hero Honda CD 100 advertising campaign in the 1980s. For the uninitiated, this campaign positioned Hero Honda as the most fuel-efficient bike and took the market by storm. The proposition was simple – fill fuel once and ride many miles on the same tankful. Why am.....
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