September 27, 2019

Easy to use tools to measure the performance of your content

Tools for measuring content performance

So you’re creating valuable, creative, and memorable pieces of content for your business. Great! With your content marketing game going strong, it is important to assess the performance of your content.

There are two ways for a business to do this. The first and most obvious way is to hire an expensive professional who can provide a detailed analysis of your content. The second way – which is cheaper and more convenient – is to do it yourself.

Yes, with SEO and content analysis tools available online, you can adjust your strategy to funnel traffic to your website organically. This way, you can close the gaps in your content marketing efforts and power your content marketing strategy.

Read on to know about 5 tools that can help you track your content marketing ROI:

1. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics - Measuring Content Performance
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Price: Free


  • Analytics intelligence: Measure traffic on your website by keeping a check on daily visitors and where they are coming from. This is particularly useful when marketers run sponsored, guest, or campaign posts.
  • Reporting: You can check how engaging your content is by measuring the bounce rate of customers.
  • Data collection and management: With a mix of this and ROI statistics, marketers can improve their efforts to create content that is both meaningful and conversational.

2. SEMRush

SEMRush - Measuring Content Marketing Performance
Source : SEMRush

Price: The pro version starts at $99.95 per month


  • Analytics report: Get organic results by checking how well your content has performed. You can check for keyword ranking as well as discover new keywords using the keyword tool.
  • Traffic tracking: Track which pages on your website or social networks drive maximum traffic. With such information, you can adjust your content marketing strategy easily.
  • Advertising tools: Study the market by analyzing your competitor’s content strategy. Discover new platforms to display your ads and content through an expert geolocation tool.

3. Kapost 

Kapost - Measuring Content Performance
Source : Kapost

Price: $3500 per month


  • Content alignment: Build a path to creating a customer-centric content marketing approach. With Kapost your content will never go unnoticed or be unsearchable again.
  • Analyze channels: Optimize content channels by maximizing your content flow.
  • Analyze and integrate: Streamline your content marketing strategy based on customer analysis results for impactful optimization.

4. Small SEO Tools 

SmallSEOTools - Measuring Content Performance
Source : SmallSEOTools

Price: Free


  • Optimization: Without SEO, even your best piece of content might never be discovered. Check for plagiarism and grammatical errors, and rewrite and optimize your content with this tool.
  • Keyword generator: Orchestrate the best headlines with the suggestive keyword tool and ensure your content is SEO optimized.
  • Website management: With all your content in place, enhance the performance of your website. Check the speed of page download; get source codes, and much more.
  • Get access to image editing, PDF converter, proxy, and domain tools.

5. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb - Measuring content performance
Source : SimilarWeb

Price: Free version available for insights


  • Website data: Gain important insights about the traffic on your website, engagement levels, and optimize your digital effectiveness.
  • Market monitoring: Analyze market trends by assessing the performance of your competitors and audience behavior. Understand the customer journey to create a better market share for your business.
  • Boost retention: By generating insightful data, you can discover better SEO strategies to know exactly when potential customers leave your page. Take actions to improve conversion rates and improve your business.

Once you have everything in place, these five tools will ensure your strategic content policies evolve with time and adjust through the process. After all, it is never too late to discover, innovate, change, and improve the performance of your content.

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