August 14, 2019

The four E’s of video content marketing to enhance your content strategy

Social media influencer. Food blogger creating content. Male chef holding blueberries, shooting video using camera on tripod.Video Content Marketing concept

With disruptive technologies and a surge in visual mediums of communication, it’s a given that video content will rule the marketing industry in future. As confirmed by the Cisco Visual Networking Index, video content is expected to make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2021.

In this scenario, it becomes increasingly important to understand the tricks of the trade – as broken down into a quartet of important factors. Read on to know about the four essentials of video content marketing:

1. Engaging

It is a well-known fact that humans love stories. And it’s this simple rule you can now play by while creating engaging videos. While reading a story can work half the magic, a visual with sound, color and dynamism is sure to seal the deal. The idea is to connect with your target audience on an instinctual level by inciting an incident, a climax, and a fulfilling end to your visual clip. This way the customers come for the story and leave with a lasting brand impact for days!

2. Emotional

A tried-and-tested marketing trick is to induce emotions that appeal to viewers. In addition to being intriguing, a visual clip that can cause customers to break into a laugh or shed a tear is bound to work wonders. Figure out the reaction you want from your audience and create a compelling video that plays on their heartstrings. This will only work to your advantage. After all, a stirring visual is a foolproof way of video marketing done right.

3. Educational

Gone are the days when audiences did not expect a take-away from the minutes they spent watching an ad or visual. Today’s millennials wish to gather knowledge at every possible chance, and it’s this very desire that you can bank on to create a gripping education video for your brand. Learning through videos has also proven to have a better and more lasting effect. Make a marketing visual with hard-hitting facts – or a collation on how a process works – and rest assured you’ll win the audience over.

4. Empathetic

Empathy is a universal feeling that connects us, regardless of physical presence or geographical boundaries. It is the most impactful way of feeling human and thus a solicited way of attracting more customers. Humanize your video by portraying everyday challenges or experiences, thereby helping your audience make a brand connect. To win over customers you need to make them feel understood and cared for – and a video that shows them just this is bound to do wonders.

It’s imperative to create quality content that stays with the viewer. The four E’s of video content marketing can help you enhance your content strategy and create visuals that are refreshing and appealing enough to increase your audience base. It’s time you aced the video marketing game!