Most purchase decisions are driven by conversations. Scatter makes your brand a part of this conversation.



With content strategy based solely on ideas that work, we help you channelise your marketing efforts.


Infographics, GIFs, video blogs, E-books, articles, newsletters, you name it: we create and curate the best content across formats.
Content delivery & Distribution


With a constantly evolving network of legacy and new age publishers and influencers, we help your content reach the people it was made for.

Scatter helps brand marketers connect with their audience by turning every piece of news into a content marketing opportunity.

Market Your Brand Better

In the digital age, almost all brands have their own media that comprises of social media pages, website, apps, etc. However, the real challenge is to keep your audience engaged via these channels.

This is where Scatter steps in. Being India’s first content marketplace, we recommend and create content which ensures that the dialogue between you and your audience never stops.

  • Content Recommendations


    Discover new and meaningful things to talk about each day
  • Ad-Wrap Tool

    Ad Wrap

    Gain visibility on any piece of content relevant to your brand
  • Syndication Tool


    Drive refresh rates with quality content and trusted publishers
  • Editorial Calendar

    Content Calendar

    Plan what your brand will talk about during upcoming events

Scatter helps content creators across platforms partner with right brands and forge long lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships

Revitalise Your Content

Scatter is an excellent platform for designers, writers, publishers, and influencers to provide content for iconic brands. You work with us as partners to steer a revolution in the content marketing space.

Our well-defined work flow management system makes it easier for you to track feedback on your work. Scatter’s wide range of clientele makes sure your skills and services are always in demand.

  • Best Brands

    Best Brands

    Our wide range of clientele makes sure your skills and services are always in demand
  • Monetise with us

    Monetise Your Influence

    Laugh all the way to the bank for doing what you love
  • Work flow Management

    Workflow Management

    Track feedback on your work with our Workflow Management.
  • Quick Payments

    Quick Payments

    Get your dues cleared within a short and fixed timeline.

These are some of our amazing Publishing partners:

Conde-nast partners with Scatter
Firstpost partners with Scatter
Scroll partners with Scatter
Elle partners with Scatter
Mashable partners with Scatter
Scoop Whoop partners with Scatter
Sanjeev Kapoor partners with Scatter
GQ India partners with Scatter
Huffpost partners with Scatter
Vogue partners with Scatter
Indian Express partners with Scatter
Quartz partners with Scatter