February 8, 2019

How to write the perfect marketing resume

marketing resume on a yellow background

Do you know how many resumes a corporate job opening attracts on an average? 250.

Surprised? Hold on; there’s more.

The first applications are received by recruiters 200 seconds after the job posting is shared.

It’s studies such as these that hammer home the need to create the right kind of resume.

When creating one, the trick is to convert your ‘need’ to a hiring manager’s ‘want’. And if you’re looking to be a content marketer, writing the perfect marketing resume becomes even more important since your being a good communicator is a prerequisite.

Is writing a perfect resume difficult?

Not really, but it can be tricky. Hiring managers are generally seen as villains! But you have to understand that it is a difficult job for them too.

They have to go through hundreds of resumes to find that one right candidate for the job. This can be very frustrating, so it is beneficial for both parties if you word it right.

Moreover, the hiring person needs to get a clear idea of your professional standing before they meet you. Therefore, this is also your one chance to make your marketing resume stand out.

What is the recipe for a perfect resume?

Be clear about what you want to do. Before you start writing your resume, work out the pointers you want to cover. These are some essentials you should keep in mind:

  • What will you specialise in and what are your strong points?
  • Who are you trying to approach, or who is going to be reading your resume?
  • What do they need and what exactly are they looking for?
  • Who are the employers and what keywords will they be scanning for?
  • Is it a well-established company or a budding startup? How will you be able to contribute?

Understand these, and you will immediately strike a chord with your future employer.

How do I perfect my resume?

The hiring people will devote about 6 seconds to your marketing resume at first go. If they find something that interests them in those first six seconds, they will continue reading further. To attract their attention, here are some things you should take care of:

  • The resume should preferably be limited to a single page. So list only the relevant points. Go to page two only if you really have a lot to say about your work experience. But any more than that is a big NO.
  • While it’s good to smartly condense information on your resume, don’t go for a two-column structure. Since many companies use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to scan your resume, you might not make it past the software if you use a two-column format.
  • Now that you know the ideal length, figure out your unique value proposition. How are you different from the other hundreds of applicants? You may be good at writing product pitches, or you could have extensive know-how of marketing analytics. Make sure that your skills are of use to the company and for the position you are applying to.
  • Understand the job description and use relevant keywords seamlessly. They could be the names of social media sites or software programs you are good at. This is especially important if you wish to pass through the company’s screening software. If the keywords are missing, your resume won’t move ahead.
  • It is always an added advantage if you can provide hard evidence for your past performances. Add statistics and figures that showcase how your work as a content marketer contributed to the growth in site traffic or an increase in engagement. You could even mention an award that you got for your work. Make important references stand out with bullet points. All this makes it easy for the hiring professional to evaluate your work. It will also help you stand out from your competitors.
  • As far as your educational degrees are concerned, just highlight when and where you received them. Do not go into unnecessary detail. Unless you are applying for your first job, these degrees do not matter much. What matters is your professional experience as a content marketer.
  • According to Andrew Quinn, HubSpot’s VP of Sales Productivity and Enablement, formatting reflects the personality of a candidate: what they are capable of and how they express their thoughts and ideas. The spelling and structure of your sentences are of utmost importance. Your main text should be black, but you can add a little colour to the headings and use a different font for them. This will improve the overall look of your marketing resume, and help it stand out.
  • Add a short and smart personal note about yourself. Describe who you are and your professional goals, right after your contact information. This adds weight to your resume and makes it more personal.

Remember, as a content marketer, you have the talent of understanding the needs of your clients. So just use that knowledge to perfect your own marketing resume. Keep it exclusive yet straightforward.

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