June 17, 2019

Youtube Trends to look out for to maximise your content reach

young girl pointing at a movie playback button. Concept - Youtube Trends

From becoming the second-largest search engine to transforming the way people discover information, YouTube is one of the fastest-growing video platforms in the world.  The platform has over 1 billion unique monthly visitors that stream hours of content every single day. Some videos end up becoming viral, while the rest get shunned away as short-lived sensations. Which is why YouTube trends are making a behavioural and cultural shift that marketers need to focus.

As a marketer, here’s how you can leverage your content by using these YouTube trends:

1. Live Stream 

Live streaming isn’t exactly the newest YouTube trend, but sure is gaining popularity recently. With users streaming over 1 billion hours of content every day, live streams can be used by brands to reach consumers directly. Around 4,58,000 people watched Beyoncé’s Coachella performance live on YouTube. That’s when gaming company Nintendo used this popular trend to deliver product launches, news and directly speak to their customers. A fun and creative way to reach global audiences; this is one trend you must look out for in 2019.

2. Tapping Global Audiences 

YouTube is available in more than 91 countries. Which is why YouTube’s latest globalisation trend challenged brands to release videos that are more cosmopolitan than just culturally-relevant. As a marketer today, you can locally create content and share it with a global audience despite the cultural parity. When LG, a mobile making company, launched its new phone, it used BTS — a popular Korean boy band — as a part of the video ad. With two versions of the video, one dubbed in English and the other in Korean, the native language received more popularity. This was because viewers connected authentically with the musical maestros. Even though 94% of the band’s followers don’t even live in Korea!

3. Back To Basics 

Basic videos done by brands like morning and night-time routines via video content creators are a YouTube trend on the rise. How does it work for marketers in general? Well, first, it humanises the brand where influencers display first-hand flaws as individuals. Second, it increases intimacy by capitalising on personal habits developed by influencers that use brand products. And lastly, it is a gold mine for brands to subtly place sponsored content that can drive a band of loyal customers.

4. Deploying Celebrities 

Mainstream celebrities have cracked the code to interact with fans on a more personal level. They are able to do it by launching their own YouTube channels. A powerful marketing tool, viewers have shown a keen interest in the life of A-listers who post their daily experiences on the platform. Rihanna uses her YouTube channel to demonstrate makeup tutorials by using products from her cosmetic line Fenty. Brands too can use this YouTube trend by deploying celebrity-related videos to drive a personality-driven connect with audiences at a more intimate level.

5. Curated Real-Life Videos 

The line between traditional online shopping and YouTube video shopping is blurring. A popular destination for shoppers and enthusiasts, viewers often visit YouTube because it allows them to see multiple angles of a product reviewed by real people. A brand looking to educate customers on ‘which product to buy’ can use this YouTube trend to their advantage. Especially because 70% of shoppers have admitted to learning about products from YouTube brand videos!


YouTube trends display a surprisingly positive impact on brands that are willing to capitalise on the changing paradigms of customer behaviour. Look out for these 5 YouTube trends and evolve on the platform that can take your brand above and beyond.

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