May 15, 2019

How to write the perfect YouTube description for your video 

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With more than 1.9 billion unique users, YouTube is one of the largest search engines after Google. On average, 300 videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute! This makes it one of the most widely-used digital platforms to boost brand visibility. There is a lot of hard work that goes into making a good-quality YouTube video. But simply putting your content out there is not good enough if no one can find it. Herein descriptions come into play. A valuable piece of information, writing descriptions with keywords helps viewers decide whether they would like to watch the video or not. Alongside, it also allows YouTube’s algorithm to decipher what your video is all about. Here’s how writing the ideal YouTube description for your video can improve its SEO ranking:

Gripping Introduction 

Your YouTube video description should be three things: brief, accurate and exciting. Use the space smartly to convey what a viewer will get if they click on the video. The secret is to offer substance by not giving away everything. After all, if they do know everything, what is the point in watching the video? Include relevant information in the first three lines; it hooks people on before they even click on the Show More icon. Use just the right number of keywords for your tags and descriptions. Using too many keywords will confuse YouTube’s algorithm and make all your efforts counterproductive.

Learn from T-Series, one of the most searched and followed music channels, on YouTube:

Give Credit 

Always ensure you give due credit to a co-creator or contributor in the description of your YouTube video. It is a fair use activity that will boost your credibility as a brand. Even if you use a soundtrack for your video or state facts from a referred source, mention them in the description along with a link back to their channel or website.

When TRY Channel made a video on donuts by Krispy Kreme, they gave due credit to the brand including those who were a part of making the video:


Links To Resources 

Create a timestamp for easy navigation for your viewers. If you have created a video that has relevant information in other content formats, make sure to give links in the description. This will help viewers navigate easily as they search for more content on related topics.


The importance of using hashtags in your YouTube video description is vital. They are an excellent and easy way to enable viewers to find your video. This is beneficial when you run specific brand campaigns and drive traffic using hashtags as Google did below in its #DearVirushka Google Duo video.


Call to Action

Including a CTA (Call To Action) to absolutely any content you are putting out on the Internet is crucial. When a strong CTA is part of your YouTube description, it enables users to learn more about your brand, company, social media profiles and blog pages. It is an easy way to generate relevant traffic to other portals of the brand and ensure maximum brand visibility online.

Who better to learn digital marketing from than Neil Patel himself. His description is succinct but delivers all the information viewer is looking for. Similarly, his CTA includes links to his personal website, Twitter handle and Facebook page:

To Sum Up

These are the five fail-safe ways to write the perfect YouTube description for your video. When you are investing in time, money and effort, ensure to follow these key tips. These small yet efficient steps can up your SEO game, thereby taking your video from good to great!