Colgate Clove

Problem :

With its promise of relief from tooth sensitivity, Colgate wished to introduce users to its latest product by driving walk-ins to Baskin Robbins stores that offered a special flavored ice cream and samples of its toothpaste. Their aim was increase awareness about their product amongst their audience.

Solution :

Scatter got some social influencers to spread the message about the special flavored ice cream to foodies across metros. Celebrity chefs created special ice cream recipes using this new flavour of ice cream and recommended using Colgate Clove as the paste that fights tooth senstivity.

Result :

This led to a succesful launch of their product and boosted brand awareness amongst their target audience. 15 food instagrammers in Delhi and Mumbai visited Baskin Robbins stores to taste the new flavour, creating videos to share their experiences. Approximately 20k likes, 25k plus instagram video views, 400+ positive comments were generated. Content seeding generated an additional 1.4 million impressions, and 150k pageviews with an average time spent of 2:30 mins. 

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