Scatter’s WMS platform bridges the gap across stakeholders and gives you the exact status of your content throughout the creation pipeline

Scatter WMS

Tired of making multiple calls and sending endless emails to keep track of all the content you are creating? Well, you can now put your time to better use, thanks to Scatter’s Workflow Management System.

With best-in-class, inbuilt Calendar, Plagiarism, SEO optimization and Ideation tools – all of which can be accessed on the platform – you can consistently create relevant and meaningful content for your customers.

Move away from unintelligent storage and embrace a martech solution that lets you collaborate with teams across your organization seamlessly

Scatter Content Box

Did you know that, on average, employees spend 1.8 hours daily (9.3 hours a week) searching and gathering information? Scatter Content Box – a cloud-based digital asset management solution – combines the power of AI and ML to take the hours out of your “search” time.

This software empowers agile marketers to work collaboratively, and store, organize, search and control all marketing assets in one place. It also automatically tracks the most current versions of your digital assets, to minimize human error and boost real time marketing efforts.

A one-of-a-kind tool that combines human and machine capabilities to ensure hot topics and relevant ideas to your brand, land in your inbox each morning

Scatter Recommends

Do you usually find out about a fluid marketing moment after it has passed? With Scatter Recommends, you will never have to play catch up with customers again.

Our daily newsletter provides the latest trends and events for the day, week and even month. Here you can find contextual content ideas and thought starters, so that your brand can tap into current trends and start conversations with your customers.