September 4, 2017

How Scatter Recommends works for brands and publishers

Scatter Recommends

It isn’t unusual to feel overwhelmed by the amount of content you are exposed to every day. News portals, publishers or social media; anywhere you turn, you can be sure of finding something to read, watch and even listen to. In a single minute, Facebook sees 3.3 million posts, Whatsapp delivers 29 million messages, and Google records more than 2.4 million searches. The numbers are staggering.

It’s no wonder then, that internet has started seeming like a battleground for attention. Brands, publishers and even influencers are prepared to go to any possible length to claw their way out of this clutter and reach the audience they most desire. But exactly how do they do that? One of the most effective ways to get your user’s attention is by simply weaving your way into everyday conversations. And this is where Scatter Recommends plays a key role. Scatter Recommends is India’s 1st fully automated talking tool that keeps you updated with ‘what’s hot’ and supplies you with content that can help you have meaningful conversations around the topic.

Scatter Recommends for Brands

Dunk in the Dark

Ever since Oreo’s ‘Dunk in the dark’ happened, marketers have been trying to tap into the moment and make their brand a part of the bigger conversations. It makes a great business case because it drives great benefits for the brand in terms of reach, visibility and overall engagement. Some of the real-time marketing can be planned with regular events but a lot of it needs to be spontaneous depending on what is trending at a particular time. The key to great results, however, lies in great content. As everyone would be talking about a trend, it is imperative that the content put out there stands head and shoulders above others. You can choose to be funny, informative, inspirational, empathetic or emotional. But content holds the key to maximize the engagement for the brand.

Trending topics give brands countless opportunities to engage with their audiences through relevant conversations. Unfortunately, most brands don’t always realise the potential that exists in these conversations. After all, how much can you say about the monsoons or swine flu? You may not know it, but there’s quite a lot that you can talk about if you have the right ideas.

Scatter Recommends not only delivers the micro and macro trends to the marketers’ inbox every day, but also gives topics around which the brands can have conversations. This makes it an end-to-end real-time content solution for the brands.

Scatter Recommends for Publishers

While most publishers concern themselves with breaking news and what’s happening in political, entertainment and cultural spheres, it’s equally important that they talk about the things trending on social media and popular culture. This not only breaks the monotony of seeing the same content everywhere but also helps publishers stand out as a voice that addresses relevant, everyday topics. From comedy to informative pieces, publishers can use Scatter Recommends to create content that draws attention and works well with all kinds of audiences.

How does this help publishers? Relevant content means more shares, and more shares bring more attention. This could ultimately lead to better ad revenue and more content stickiness.

An added benefit of using real time topics is that it can increase your SEO score, and thus improve your brand or website’s visibility. And this could mean more traffic and better reach to your audience, which is ultimately what every brand wants.