April 29, 2019

Content marketing ideas to drive conversations for May 2019

May letters hanging strings with blue sackcloth background - Content Marketing Ideas

Summers are full of possibilities…even if the raging heat may not make you feel like it.

Kids get time to pursue hobbies they may have wanted to explore. You get to take that foreign vacation you’ve been dreaming about. That New Year’s resolution of getting fit becomes easier to achieve. And with our extra-long list of marketing opportunities, it may as well be the content marketer’s Christmas!

So wipe the sweat from your brow, fire up the AC, and get reading to find the best fit for your brand!

1. International Workers’ Day, 1st May

International Worker's Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Rights every employee should be aware of and exercise

Infographic idea: Got your first job? Here’s what you need to know about your CTC (Cost to Company)

Quiz idea: How well do you know International Workers’ Day?

Podcast idea: How not to let work affect your health

Brand campaigns that worked:

Brazilian newspaper Jornal Daqui released a series of images that highlighted the variety of labour that puts any product together. The following stood out for explaining how even the smallest commodity has a wide array of workers driving it towards successful completion:

Example - International Workers Day


Al Jazeera’s online news channel AJ+ took a more traditional approach to celebrate the day. They shared a short and beautifully animated video that broke down the history and significance of the day in brief:


2. World Press Freedom Day, 3rd May

World Press Freedom Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Journalistic works that shook the world

Infographic idea: Want a career in journalism? Here are the different options you have

Listicle idea: Why press freedom matters in a country like India

Podcast idea: How social media has changed the practice of journalism over the past decade

Brand campaigns that worked:

For their 2018 campaign, American television network MSNBC shared an impactful 30-second clip that encouraged their consumers to utilise the freedom of press by basing their opinions on more than just one news source:

This day has also birthed some striking image campaigns. Consider the following two; the first created by ad agency, Fischer, and the second created for Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.


Example 1 - Press Freedom Day


Example 2 - Press Freedom Day



3. International Firefighters’ Day, 4th May

Firefighter's Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Precaution before cure: X Fire hazards for which you should check your home

Infographic idea: How to prepare your fire safety kit

Article idea: Do you have what it takes to be a firefighter?

Podcast idea: Why festivals don’t mean holidays for firefighters

Brand campaign that worked:

With the exception of a few campaigns, such as the following, the online space remains bereft of significant adverts.

Example - Firefighters Day


This would then serve as a great opportunity to put something meaningful out there.

4. Ramadan, 5th May – 4th June


Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: One-month meal prep ideas for those still hitting the gym during Ramadan

Infographic idea: How to stay hydrated while fasting for Ramadan

Listicle idea: What to wear when the heat kicks in

Podcast idea: Why do people fast during Ramadan?

Brand campaigns that worked:

Surf Excel Pakistan adapted the brand’s running theme of ‘Daag Acche Hai’ to Ramadan. The advert depicts three young boys who help a halwai-waala make his sale at the cost of spoiling their finest clothing.

Encouraging communal harmony, Big Bazaar shared the following advert emphasising how consideration and kindness can stretch across religions:

Children’s retail store, Babyshop pursued a different dimension: it urged its consumers to celebrate Ramadan by overcoming the divide economic status creates.


5. Coal Miners Day, 4th May

Coal Miner's Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Do human rights in India cover mining?

Infographic idea: Safety hazards a miner gets exposed to on a daily basis

Listicle idea: Things that you can’t imagine we obtain from mining

Podcast idea: How mining has contributed to India’s economic growth

Brand campaign that worked:

American energy company, Consol Energy shared images such as the following to indicate the irreplaceable role coal miners play in powering a country:

Example - Coal Miners Day


6. World Laughter Day, 5th May

World Laughter Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Best live stand-up comedy shows lined up this year

Infographic idea: Surprising ways laughter benefits your health

Listicle idea: Best oral care products to get that perfect smile

Podcast idea: How to successfully build a career as a stand-up comedian

Brand campaigns that worked:

Coca-Cola set up a simple stunt on a subway to prove that laughter is truly infectious. The video has gained over 3M views.


Turkish non-profit organisation LÖSEV wished to raise money for children diagnosed with leukaemia. Their campaign involved collaboration with popular radio programmes that replaced the standard laugh track with the recorded laughter of children with leukaemia.


Listeners were invited to further spread happiness amongst the children by donating to LÖSEV. The campaign brought the organisation remarkable results.

7. International No Diet Day, 6th May

No Diet Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Pardon, diet: This International No Diet Day, indulge in these lip-smacking delicacies

Infographic idea: Careers that will pay you to eat

Listicle idea: Nutrition first: Food items you mustn’t remove from your diet

Podcast idea: How unhealthy dieting may lead to eating disorders

Brand campaigns that worked:

Dieting to meet the beauty standards set by society can often harm the physical and mental well-being of an individual. And the same goes for both men and women.

American beauty magazine, Allure asked girls between the ages 6-18 for their opinions on body image and their experiences tackling societal expectations.


While not as a campaign, production company, SoulPancake took the same idea but applied it to men:


The discussion became even more impactful with the men’s vocalisation of how issues of body image are more often than not associated with women.

8. Global Road Safety Week, 6th – 12th May

Global Road Safety Week

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: What to do if you witness a road accident

Infographic idea: Driving tips for Indian roads

Listicle idea: Reasons why train journeys are better than road trips

Podcast idea: How road rage affects your heart

Brand campaigns that worked:

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways’ 2018 campaign for road safety tackled the rule-breaking Indian driver’s stock phrase: ‘Tu Jaanta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai?’ (Do you not know who my father is?)


Titled #SadakSurakshaJeevanRaksha, the video series led by actor Akshay Kumar addressed the different safety hazards posed by careless commuters.

In a differently approached ad, Road Traffic Safety Department didn’t go for grim visuals that often feature in road safety ads. Instead, it delivered a short and impactful clip with an appropriate dose of humour:

Road safety awareness ads have worked just as well through image campaigns. Consider the following series:

Example - Road Safety Week


Example 2 - Road Safety Week


9. World Asthma Day, 7th May

Asthma Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Wearable technology that has helped asthma patients lead comfortable lives

Infographic idea: Products that could help you deal better with asthma

Article idea: How to make travel more comfortable if you are an asthma patient

Podcast idea: The real cost of air pollution: How it affects your daily life

Brand campaigns that worked:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been running a campaign called ‘CDC: Tips From Former Smokers’. One video from the series highlights how being around second-hand smokers can negatively affect a person’s health, including the development of asthma:


Through an approach that targeted asthma patients, Breathefree emphasised on how inhalers serve as a better alternative to medication. The advert featured actress Priyanka Chopra who has been diagnosed with the condition herself.


10. World Athletics Day, 7th May

Athletics Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Can adventure sports be a viable career?

Infographic idea: Sportswomen who are making India proud

Listicle idea: Fun sports that will keep you fit and healthy

Podcast idea: How to encourage your child to enter sports

Brand campaign that worked:

Procter & Gamble created a heart-rending ad about the role care-givers play in the moulding of successful athletes:

11. Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti, 7th May

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Best films based on Tagore that will give you an insight into his life

Infographic idea: Lessons from Tagore for anyone who wants to become a great writer

Listicle idea: Must-read books and short stories by Tagore for any literature fan

Podcast idea: What made Rabindranath Tagore one of the most influential writers of pre-independent India?

Brand campaigns that worked:

Branded content around this day mostly exists in the form of image campaigns. Take for instance the image put out by Abasana Advertising:

Or the one shared by Damas Laminates:

Since other formats remain relatively unexplored, this day may provide an ideal opportunity to make your mark as a brand.


12. World Red Cross Day, 8th May

Red Cross Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: How technology can come to your rescue during a natural disaster

Infographic idea: What does the Red Cross society do?

Article idea: How has India contributed to Red Cross?

Podcast idea: How a career with the International Committee of the Red Cross can be rewarding

Brand campaigns that worked:

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) shared the following video highlighting how war zones can cut off access to even some of the basic human requirements, like urgent medical aid:


Campaigns by Red Cross have also been known to attract the support of other brands and organisations. For instance, their #MissingType campaign that urged blood donation was joined by nutrition and weight management company, Herbalife:



13. World Thalassemia Day, 8th May

World Thalassemia Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Food items that are best suited to a thalassemia patient

Infographic idea: Basic facts about thalassemia that you must know

Listicle idea: Exercises that can help tackle thalassemia

Podcast idea: What to do if your child is diagnosed with thalassemia

Brand campaigns that worked:

For days that raise awareness about medical conditions, there exist two common yet effective approaches.

One involves collaborating with medical professionals who can not only offer people an informed perspective, but also bring greater credibility to the brand. Take Lifecell International ltd’s association with Fetal Medicine Expert, Dr Kusagradhi Ghosh:


The second way of spreading awareness can involve making your audience aware of the basic facts through engaging visuals. Which is how Cloudnine Hospitals went about it:

While they’re conventional in nature, it is difficult to go wrong with these two formats.

14. National Technology Day, 11th May

National Technology Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Future transportation plans that are straight out of a sci-fi movie

Infographic idea: Innovative tech start-ups that are making India proud

Article idea: How VR and data intelligence are improving your shopping experience

Podcast idea: Why you must exercise caution while making digital payments

Brand campaigns that worked:

National Technology Day began as initiative to commemorate Shakti, the nuclear test held in Pokhran in 1998. However, it would be a wasted opportunity to limit content to just that, and not address the emerging dimensions and utilities of technology.

One way is to throw light on the positives. The following video by Apple playfully and aptly showcases how technology can make working towards a deadline simpler:


A second example of making the most of technology can be found in General Electric’s commercial titled ‘What Matters’:

GE explains that technology is only an enabler. What matters is that it enables happiness.

The other, and recently more prevalent way is to discuss the negatives. While not branded content, the following spoken word film by award-winning writer Gary Turk hits the nail on the head:

15. Mother’s Day, 12th May

Happy Mother's Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Yoga poses every expectant mother must practice

Infographic idea: Unconventional and inexpensive gift ideas to express your love for your mother

Listicle idea: X Best Indian destinations to travel with your mom

Podcast idea: A working mother’s guide to balancing work, home and their own dreams!

Brand campaigns that worked:

Titled #MaaNahiBhoolti, Domino’s 2018 Mother’s Day spoke of how much mothers continue to care for us no matter how absorbed we become in our own lives:


Bajaj Electricals’ #OkMeriMaa campaign stood out because of its unconventional approach. It found our mothers’ presence where we least realise it:


16. International Nurses Day, 12th May

Nurse Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Why nursing is the most compassionate profession

Infographic idea: Looking to hire a personal nurse? Here are some financial aspects to consider

Listicle idea: Challenges that nurses face on a regular basis

Podcast idea: What it takes to be a successful nurse

Brand campaigns that worked:

Johnson & Johnson Nursing produced an excellent advert titled #nurseschangelives that highlighted the contribution of nurses through the history of medicine and health care:

In another effort to acknowledge nurses’ contribution to the healthcare sector, Royal College Of Nursing UK stitched together messages of gratitude from patients and their families:

Their #ThankaNurse campaign was further pushed on Twitter to have people share their positive experiences with nurses.

And lastly, while not created for this day, the following image campaign sweetly highlights the immediate care and attention offered by nurses, and equates the same with its brand product:

Example - Nurses Day


17. International Day of Families, 15th May

Day of Families

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: How healthy relationships can positively impact children

Infographic idea: Essential money lessons to teach your kids while they are young

Article idea: Nutrition tips for the whole family from experts

Podcast idea: How to monitor and build your child’s self-esteem in today’s digital world

Brand campaigns that worked:

Family structures had for long been stereotypically depicted as comprising of a father, mother and two children. And sometimes also two heterosexual grandparents.

As part of the recent effort to diversify this narrative, Ralph Lauren too contributed its voice through the following video:


Through a more light-hearted take, Minute Maid explained how family moments may not always go as planned but doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them just as much.

Both approaches here build upon the recently transformed manifestation of families. When creating content for this day, it might help to look for similar stimuli.

18. World Telecommunication Day, 17th May

Telecommunication day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: This is how the Internet has changed the way we communicate today

Infographic idea: Best apps to keep in touch with your loved ones

Article idea: Internet Data Privacy & Protection Laws you should know

Podcast idea: How internet will become more accessible to the less privileged

Brand campaigns that worked:

Started to commemorate the establishment of the International Telecommunication Union, the day has gradually expanded to address broader issues. Primary focus now lies on highlighting social changes brought about by newly emergent technologies, and on tackling the digital divide.

With such a broad playing field, there exist multiple dimensions to be discussed.

Accenture shared a hypothetical comparative study to explain the idea of digital divide between educational institutions:

The underlying message: acquirement of advanced telecommunication facilities is not enough; they must also be utilised to the maximum.

With a whole other approach to telecommunication, the following advert tackles the issue of fake identities and misleading conversations online:

Consider how telecommunication applies to your brand.


19. World Hypertension Day, 17th May

Hypertension Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Different apps that can help you monitor your blood-pressure

Infographic idea: What can you change in your lifestyle to avoid hypertension?

Listicle idea: Simple things you can do to help your child avoid hypertension

Podcast idea: How travelling can help you relieve stress and bring peace of mind

Brand campaigns that worked:

For their 2016 campaign, the Novartis Foundation shared a video campaign that began by busting a popular myth about hypertension: that it is health condition that plagues the older population of the West.

It then proceeded to highlight the initiatives it has taken through global partnerships to help tackle the problem.


In an attempt to humanise the issue, American Medical Association collaborated with the Ad Council to create the following as part of an image series:

Example - Hypertension Day


20. World AIDS Vaccine Day, 18th May

Aids Vaccine Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Here’s what I learned from living with an HIV+ patient

Infographic idea: How to become an AIDS counsellor

Listicle idea: Ways to address the stigma associated with AIDS

Podcast idea: How our awareness of AIDS has changed in the last 2 decades

Brand campaign that worked:

Johnson & Johnson once again stands out for its thoughtfully created campaign. The following video marks their effort to develop a vaccine to cure AIDS for good:


21. International Museum Day, 18th May

Museum Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: How virtual reality can help you take a tour of museums around the world

Infographic idea: Ever wondered what your child takes away from a museum visit?

Listicle idea: Greatest Indian museums that every history buff must visit

Podcast idea: Why museums must be preserved

Brand campaigns that worked:

Started to emphasise the historical and cultural value of museums, International Museum Day can serve as an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about local and global museums worth visiting.

Take inspiration from the following image adverts:

Example - Museum Day


“I saw the failure of a genius. I saw the final years of Vincent Van Gogh. I saw Frenchmen underestimating me. I saw a master die in poverty. I saw a remorseful Europe. I saw millionaires shouting my name at auctions. I saw a new home. I saw adults teaching, I saw children learn. I saw a young building become Brazil’s most visited museum. But, having seen all this, there’s one thing I haven’t seen yet: you. Come. I wish to see you.”

Example 2 - Museum Day


22. National Anti-Terrorism Day, 21st May

Anti Terrorism Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: How schools can prepare students for terrorist attacks

Infographic idea: Precautions taken by the government to tackle terrorism

Listicle idea: Civilians who stepped up for the greater good during a terrorist attack

Podcast idea: How terrorism has affected the tourism industry across the world

Brand campaigns that worked:

Not a lot of Indian branded content exists around tackling terrorism. Perhaps this National Anti-Terrorism Day can serve as the opportunity to change that. And the following may act as appropriate stimuli to achieve the same.

The Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) campaign by Counter Terrorism Policing urges its community to stay alert and report anything suspicious:

Another effort that emerged from the UK was orchestrated by National Counter-Terrorism Policing and National Crime Agency. This collaboration wished to make citizens aware of the role illegal ammunition plays in powering terrorism:

Example - AntiTerrorism Day


23. International Day for Biological Diversity, 22nd May

Biological Diversity

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Signs that you should pursue environmental studies as a career

Infographic idea: Low effort, low-cost ways to go green

Listicle idea: Animal species that went extinct due to deplorable environmental conditions

Podcast idea: How to create a safe environment for animals in your neighbourhood

Brand campaigns that worked:

Perhaps some of the strongest ads that urge biodiversity preservation or discourage animal cruelty come in the form of images. Take a look:


Example 2 - Biological Diversity


A video campaign may work better at illustrating ideas about environment protection:


24. World Turtle Day, 23rd May

Turtle Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Best places to see turtles in their natural habitats

Infographic idea: Your guide to building a career with a master’s degree in Zoology

Listicle idea: Thought you knew everything about turtles? Here are some astounding facts about them

Podcast idea: How your lifestyle is coming to affect turtles

Brand campaign that worked:

On this day in 2018, National Geographic shared engagingly stitched together insights on turtles, and instructed viewers on their protection:

25. Commonwealth Day, 24th May

Commonwelth Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Here’s the perfect itinerary when travelling through these commonwealth countries

Infographic idea: How to secure a job in the Indian embassy

Quiz idea: How well do you know the Commonwealth countries?

Podcast idea: What does it take to become a Commonwealth athlete?


26. World No Tobacco Day, 31st May

No Tobacco Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: How your body changes when you quit smoking

Infographic idea: Steps to help someone quit smoking

Listicle idea: These apps can help you kick your tobacco habits

Podcast idea: How to quit smoking?

Brand campaigns that worked:

There are a number of anti-tobacco campaigns that exist online. Which means that yours must truly do something different to stand out.

ClearWay Minnesota provided an unusual visual representation of the costs incurred due to smoking-related illnesses:

Another one that is bound to catch attention is the World Health Organisation’s video campaign about the effect of tobacco on the heart:

Other content marketing opportunities

1. Summer vacations

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: How to keep your house cooler and safer during summer

Infographic idea: Foods that can help you beat the heat this summer

Listicle idea: Low budget summer holidays that you can plan with your family

Podcast idea: How your company can reduce its carbon footprint during the summer

Brand campaigns that worked:

Summer vacations bring a staple annual opportunity for brands that comprise the travel, hospitality and food industry. However, the real test for other industries lies in successfully making this season as much their own.

Consider the following image campaign that nails the idea, the visual and the copy:

Example - Summer Vacation

2. Cannes Film Festival, 14th – 25th May


Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Indian ethnic outfits that have dazzled the Cannes red carpet

Infographic idea: A guide to starting a successful career in filmmaking

Listicle idea: Top movies from the Cannes Film Festival to watch out for

Podcast idea: How well do you know the Cannes Film Festival?


3. National Photography Month

Photography Month

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Photography tips for beginners

Infographic idea: Most photogenic monuments across India you must visit

Listicle idea: Cameras that fit a low budget

Expert interview idea: How much does training for a career in photography cost?


Festivals & Fun Days

Festivals & Fun Days

1. Moatsü Mong, the first week of May

2. Star Wars Day, 4th May

3. Buddha Purnima, 12th May


1. Indian Domestic T20 League PlayOffs

2. Formula 1, Grand Prix

3. FA Cup Final, 18th May

4. French Open, 26th May – 9th June

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Best match/tournament moments in the history of <name of sport>

Infographic idea: X Foods that should be in every sportsperson’s diet

Listicle idea: What you need to become a <insert category of sportsperson>

Podcast idea: How technology has revolutionised the world of sports


Movie Releases

Movie Releases

The Intruder, 3rd May

Tolkien, 10th May

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu, 10th May

Student of the Year 2, 10th May

De De Pyaar De, 17th May

A Dog’s Journey, 17th May

The Hustle, 17th May

The Sun Is Also A Star, 17th May

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, 17th May

Aladdin, 24th May

BrightBurn, 24th May

Godzilla: King of the Monsters Movie, 31st May

Rocketman, 31st May

Ma, 31st May


Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrity Birthday

James Dornan, 1st May

Anushka Sharma, 1st May

Satyajit Ray, 2nd May

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 2nd May

Henry Cavill, 5th May

Adele, 5th May

Motilal Nehru, 6th May

George Clooney, 6th May

Enrique Iglesias, 8th May

Rosario Dawson, 9th May

Saadat Hasan Manto, 11th May

Domhnall Gleeson, 12th May

G. Balakrishnan, 12th May

Sunny Leone, 13th May

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, 13th May

Robert Pattinson, 13th May

Stevie Wonder, 13th May

George Lucas, 14th May

Cate Blanchett, 14th May

Madhuri Dixit, 15th May

Pierce Brosnan, 16th May

Craig Ferguson, 17th May

Tina Fey, 18th May

Ruskin Bond, 19th May

Sam Smith, 19th May

Timothy Olyphant, 20th May

Aditya Chopra, 21st May

Bob Dylan, 24th May

Karan Johar, 25th May

Ian McKellen, 25th May

Cillian Murphy, 25th May

Helena Bonham Carter, 26th May

Paul Bettany, 27th May

Paresh Rawal, 30th May

Clint Eastwood, 31st May

Vir Das, 31st May