February 28, 2022

March 2022 – Scatter Content Calendar

With warmer days and the promise of summer just around the corner, March is a month of excitement that makes us feel rejuvenated. We spring-clean our homes, organize things, and hope for a better summer than the last one.
It is also a time when people want to get inspired with new ways of doing things. After all, that’s the magic of spring knocking on our doors!

And how can we forget – it’s also a time when people start looking seriously into their investments as the financial year ends, soak in the fun of International Day of Happiness, and celebrate the strength and grace of women on International Women’s Day.

Yes, March is indeed full of content marketing opportunities!

What’s new in March 2022?

Fourth advance tax payment for FY21-22 due date – 15 March

The deadline for filing advance tax returns is fast approaching. Any person whose estimated tax liability for the year is Rs 10,000 or more is required to pay the advance tax in four instalments in the financial year itself. The deadline for paying the fourth advance tax instalment is 15 March. If this is missed, the taxpayer will be liable for interest under Section 234B and 234C for default in payment of advance tax.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea:  Penalties you can avoid by filing your ITR on time
  • Infographic idea: Apps and websites that can help you file your taxes online
  • Video idea: Last-minute tax-saving tips you need to know about
  • Podcast idea: How to diversify the money you invest in tax-saving instruments

PAN-Aadhaar linking deadline – 31 March

Addressing the hardships faced by various stakeholders on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Central Government has considered the representations received from multiple stakeholders and extended the deadline of linking Aadhaar with PAN until 31 March 2022.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea:  X Reasons why linking Aadhaar with PAN is helpful
  • Infographic idea: Step-by-step guide to link PAN with Aadhaar card
  • Video idea: Why is it important to link your PAN and Aadhaar card?
  • Podcast idea: Let’s debunk myths around linking your Aadhaar card and PAN

Fixed Days – March 2022

Zero Discrimination Day – 1 March

Unconscious bias affects our perception, attitude, behaviour, attention, listening abilities, and micro-affirmations. This bias is potent and influences our behaviours without even making its presence felt, and it has never been more widespread in the workplace – from #metoo to the gender pay gap.

When you ponder on this, it can seem a terrifying thought.

Zero Discrimination Day is an annual event observed by the United Nations and other international organizations that attempts to promote equality in and out of the workplace. Given the inequalities that women still experience today, the theme for Zero Discrimination Day 2022 is ‘Zero Discrimination Against Women and Girls.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea:  Here’s what COVID-19 has taught us about championing gender equality
  • Infographic idea: Countries that are successfully bridging the wage gap
  • Video idea: How to teach your children about diversity and inclusivity
  • Podcast idea: Ways to create an inclusive workspace environment that promotes diversity

National Security Day – 4 March

Every year on 4 March, National Security Day (Rashtriya Suraksha Diwas) is observed in honour of the Indian Security Forces. The aim is to express gratitude towards all security personnel, including police officers, paramilitary forces, commandos, guards, army officials, and other people involved in security who risk their lives to maintain the country’s peace and security.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea:  India’s achievements in the technology sector that have reinforced national security
  • Infographic idea: Countries with the highest military expenditure
  • Video idea: Inspiring tales from the world’s most daunting battles
  • Podcast idea: Technology – the invisible threat and guardian of security

International Women’s Day – 8 March

Mother, sisters, aunts, wives, girlfriends, fianceés; what would we ever do without the women in our lives? We owe them so much! Women’s Day is all about recognizing these amazing women and letting them know how much we admire, respect, and appreciate them.

International Women’s Day celebrates women’s history, highlighting key events, milestones, and achievements, raising awareness of women’s rights, and ensuring that they achieve equal opportunity status in all walks of life. This day is especially important in regions of the world where women continue to endure stark inequity. Keeping this in mind, the theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. The day is intended to raise awareness of the problems and struggles that women experience.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea:  What makes a company a women-friendly workplace?
  • Infographic idea: How to inculcate gender equality in our children from an early age
  • Video idea: What we can learn from the world’s most powerful women
  • Podcast idea: India’s top women CEOs share their advice on becoming and feeling successful

Brand campaign that worked:

On the path to gender equality, financial independence and literacy are often overlooked. This video by Paytm encourages women to separate finance from gender and become financially equal.



Global Recycling Day – 18 March

Every year, 2.1 billion metric tons of solid trash is produced globally, out of which approximately 16% is recycled, preventing tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering the environment. Unfortunately, the rest of the trash is disposed of in an unsustainable manner, including being landfilled, burned, littered, or illegally dumped in the environment.

A recycling rate of 16% is insufficient to save the planet. We need awareness, education, legislation, and action from every individual to tackle this expanding environmental and humanitarian problem.

Global Recycling Day, observed annually on 18 March, serves as a springboard for businesses and individuals seeking to make a difference. This year’s Global Recycling Day aims to celebrate the ‘recycling fraternity’ and promote education about the importance of a cleaner environment. One step at a time – that’s all we need to save the planet.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea: Plastic recycling – What you need to know
  • Infographic idea: Ways to recycle water at home
  • Video idea: How to start your recycling journey today
  • Podcast idea: Everything you need to teach your children about recycling

International Day of Happiness – 20 March

Content Calendar march

Take a few moments to wonder what makes you the happiest. Perhaps you love dancing to your favourite song when no one is watching? Or enjoying a tub of ice cream with your loved ones?
According to the Global Happiness Study, two-thirds of adults (64%) reported being happy. Those surveyed worldwide most commonly cite their health and physical well-being as a source of ‘greatest happiness’, followed by their living conditions, hobbies and interests, personal safety and security, and the feeling that their life has meaning. International Day of Happiness is all about thinking about what makes you happy and expressing gratitude to all that’s good in life; feeling happy, and doing all you can to make others happy.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea:  Simple activities that are a mood-booster
  • Infographic idea: Spread the joy – Here’s how you can help the underprivileged
  • Video idea: Happiest countries around the world you must visit in your lifetime
  • Podcast idea: Can laughing keep you healthy?

Brand campaign that worked:

This video by TATA Tiscon encourages everyone to let the idea of building joy become the ‘No 1 priority’ in life and to take a stand against stress, peer pressure, and mindless competition.

International Day of Forests – 21 March

March Content Calendar
Life on Earth would be impossible without trees, not only because they provide the oxygen essential for survival, but also because they give much-needed shade on hot days and simply make the Earth look beautiful. For all these and other reasons, conserving our trees is a top concern for all of us. While millions of hectares of forest are being cut down each year, we have a long way to go to preserve them and plant more. The good news is that we are making progress, as evidenced by the International Day of Forests. The theme chosen for 2022 is ‘Forests and sustainable production and consumption’, which focuses on building a greener earth for all.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea:  A sneak peek into the most diverse forest ecosystems
  • Infographic idea: List of indoor plants that can improve the air quality of your room
  • Video idea: How to build an easy-to-maintain kitchen garden
  • Podcast idea: Is afforestation enough to avert climate change?

Brand campaign that worked:

This video by Unilever shows us the fictional story of a tree that makes its way from the forest to the city because it realizes that it is safer there.


World Water Day – 22 March

Even though around 71% of the planet is covered with water, over 1 billion people do not have access to clean water. One of the most valuable resources that many people take for granted, water is indispensable for all living things to survive.

World Water Day is an annual event that examines worldwide challenges related to clean, safe drinking water and sanitation. Proposed by IGRAC, the theme for World Water Day 2022 is ‘Groundwater: making the invisible visible’. An essential part of the climate change adaptation process, groundwater helps sustain ecosystems while maintaining the baseflow of rivers and is also a solution for people without access to safe water, making it important to everyone to work towards its conservation.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea: Home appliances that can help you preserve water
  • Infographic idea: Bad habits that waste more water than you may think
  • Video idea: Ways to recycle water at home
  • Podcast idea: How can you teach your child to use water mindfully?

Brand campaign that worked:

We all have our bucket lists, but have you ever thought about those for whom just a bucket of water can mean the world? This video by the Adani group encourages us to take action to make water available to more people.


Earth Hour – 26 March

Somewhere in the tangles of life’s mundane hassles, people lost sight of the bigger picture – the climate.

What better way to celebrate the Earth and its abundance than to embrace the darkness to appreciate the value of light! Earth Hour, organized by the WWF, is held every year on the last Saturday of March from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm local time, encouraging people to come together in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common – our planet! To participate in this movement and stand in solidarity with millions worldwide, all you have to do is turn off all non-essential lights for at least one hour, thus saving energy, globally.

The theme of Earth Hour 2022 focuses on nature and biodiversity. It encourages everyone to take a stand, accept responsibility, get active, and tread the path to a more sustainable future.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea: Step-by-step guide to adopting eco-friendly habits at home
  • Infographic idea: Resolutions to take with your family this Earth Hour
  • Video idea: Little things do matter – What we can do to protect our planet
  • Podcast idea: How does turning lights off for an hour help the planet?

Brand campaign that worked:

Today’s actions will decide what tomorrow will look like for future generations. This video encourages everyone to come together and create a better future for us and the planet.

Other content marketing opportunities:

National Introverts Week – 21-27 March

Fitting into a culture that values extroverted and dynamic personalities can be pretty challenging for introverts. Introverts, however, often notice things that others do not, and thereby bring a fresh perspective to all walks of life. National Introverts Week aims to transform people’s perceptions of introverts and help them recognize the positives that introverts offer.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea:  The quiet power of introverts
  • Infographic idea: Ways introverts can become influential leaders
  • Video idea: A day in the life of an introvert
  • Podcast idea: How to leverage being an introvert

Festivals: March 2022

Maha Shivratri – 1 March
International Yoga Festival – 7-13 March
Holika Dahan – 17 March
Holi – 18 March

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea:  Simple tips to take care of your skin and hair during Holi celebrations
  • Infographic idea: Quick getaway ideas for the long Holi weekend
  • Video idea: Yoga poses for beginners
  • Podcast idea: Tips to fast the healthy way this Maha Shivratri

Fun days: March 2022

Pi Day – 14 March
World Sleep Day – 18 March
World Sparrow Day – 20 March
World Storytelling Day – 20 March
World Poetry Day – 21 March
World Theater Day – 27 March

Birthdays: March 2022

Justin Bieber – 1 March
Shahid Afridi – 1 March
Dr Seuss – 2 March
Jon Bon Jovi – 2 March
Daniel Craig – 2 March
Tiger Shroff – 2 March
Camila Cabello – 3 March
Alexander Graham Bell – 3 March
Shankar Mahadevan – 3 March
Anupam Kher – 7 March
Zakir Hussain – 9 March
Carrie Underwood – 10 March
Olivia Wilde – 10 March
Shreya Ghoshal – 12 March
Atif Aslam – 12 March
Albert Einstein – 14 March
Aamir Khan – 14 March
Eva Longoria – 15 March
Alia Bhatt – 15 March
YoYo Honey Singh – 15 March
Abhay Deol – 15 March
Alexander McQueen – 17 March
Kalpana Chawla – 17 March
Saina Nehwal – 17 March
Adam Levine – 18 March
Shashi Kapoor – 18 March
Ronaldinho – 21 March
Rani Mukherji – 21 March
Shobana Chandrakumar Pillai – 21 March
Reese Witherspoon – 22 March
Kangana Ranaut – 23 March
Tommy Hilfiger – 24 March
Elton John – 25 March
Keira Knightley – 26 March
Mariah Carey – 27 March
Quentin Tarantino – 27 March
Lady Gaga – 28 March
Celine Dion – 30 March
Vincent van Gogh – 30 March
Johann Sebastian Bach – 31 March