Scatter Editorial Desk

Apr 2021

Leveraging technology to up your content marketing game

Content marketing has become an important part of a brand’s digital strategy. Companies are using diverse content forms – such as blogs, social media posts, and videos – to better engage their audiences and build a loyal customer base. With rising demands for fresh and purposeful content, content marketers need to lean on new and.....
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Dec 2020

Scatter turns six – Here’s a glimpse of our product journey

Scatter - Content Marketing Platform - Journey
Phew, it’s been six whole years since Scatter has been around! But it weirdly feels like we’ve been here both, since yesterday and for a lifetime. And what a ride it has been. We’ve expanded from one office to four, moved from emails to our very own content delivery platform, and shifted our focus from.....
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Oct 2019

How to use new technologies to enhance your marketing strategy

New Technologies boost content marketing strategy
Technology advancements are touching and revolutionizing almost every industry today. In this fast-paced world, marketers that ignore these changes run the risk of being left behind. According to a report by CMI, 63% of businesses have no documented marketing strategy. Given that there are 3.7 billion global users, businesses need to create a streamlined process of planning,.....
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