Ananthu Ajithan

May 2020

Single Customer View : How marketers can benefit from this strategy

Single Customer View : How marketers can benefit from the strategy
Peace. Very few people sincerely look for peace. Even fewer find it. And among the ones who do find it, only a fraction strive to sustain it. Its definitions vary. People’s expectations after finding it vary. Yet, there are certain fundamentals that transcend individual perceptions about peace. Health, happiness, family, and monetary stability are some.....
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May 2019

How to create content for different stages of a user journey

User journey - A man to make a purchase is moving by the specified route with the following steps: awareness, consideration, reviews, choice, purchase - Scatter
Does content marketing drive results? Yes! Is mapping the user journey critical? Also, yes! Any marketer worth his salt knows that both content marketing and mapping the user journey are essential ingredients for creating a stellar marketing strategy, but combining the two isn’t as easy as making a quick PB&J sandwich. The challenge lies in.....
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