June 28, 2019

Content Marketing Ideas for July 2019 to drive conversations

July Content Marketing Ideas

With delayed monsoons and climate emergency trending, we won’t blame you if you assumed that we are headed for a sombre month. Contrary to popular belief, July is full of exciting world events and fun days. Did you know that the bikini was showcased for the first time in July? The world’s first test-tube baby was born in July. The first moonwalk took place in July.

It sure is a month of limitless possibilities, marketing opportunities, and happening events. More on that below!

1. Doctor’s Day – 1 July

Doctor's Day

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Everything you need to know to pursue a career in medicine

Infographic idea: Guide to the different branches of medicine

Video idea: A day in the life of a doctor

Podcast idea: How tough is the life of a medical student?

Brand campaigns that worked:

Oreo created a social media post on Doctor’s Day around it’s signature ‘daily dunks’ concept a la the Amul girl. While it was simple, with minimum text, it was effective in getting the point across while connecting the brand to a topical event:


2. Wimbledon 2019 Begins – 1 July


Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: 10 Things no one tells you before you go to Wimbledon

Infographic idea: Wimbledon through the years

Video idea: Wimbledon rules and the reasons behind them

Podcast idea: Ranking the greatest champions in Wimbledon history

Brand campaigns that worked:

BBC’s Wimbledon campaign mixed live action and 3D animation to promote the channel’s coverage of the tennis tournament. The video featured a tennis ball bouncing through various settings to showcase the popularity of the tournament:

Wimbledon Campaign

Evian water worked with the We Are Social agency on a multi-channel campaign and created this peppy, quirky video to capture the public’s imagination and get them dancing to the ‘Wimbledon wiggle’:


3. Workaholics Day – 5 July

Content marketing ideas:

Article idea: The easy guide to balancing work and life

Infographic idea: Mental health and work

Video idea: How to stay healthy when working night shifts

Podcast idea: Understanding the phenomenon of millennials and work culture


4. Global Forgiveness Day – 7 July

Content marketing ideas:

Article idea: How travel can help you forgive yourself for your past mistakes

Infographic idea: Let go of negativity with the help of yoga

Video idea: The cost of bearing a grudge on your health and mind

Podcast idea: Why it’s important to teach your kids about forgiveness


5. World Population Day – 11 July

Content marketing ideas:

Article idea: What is the significance of World Population Day?

Infographic idea: Cities around the world with the highest and lowest population density

Video idea: Facts about India’s population you probably didn’t know

Podcast idea: How technology is used to map the world’s population digitally

Brand campaigns that worked:

World Youth Alliance created a campaign around why the global youth population matter in their ‘How We Count’ series. The image posts told the stories of young adults from around the world, about their dreams, achievements, and contribution to society and the environment:


6. World Day for International Justice – 17 July

Content marketing ideas:

Article idea: How International Criminal Court is different from International Court of Justice

Infographic idea: The role of the United Nations in International Law

Video idea: How to teach social justice in the classroom

Podcast idea: Key reforms that could help improve the justice system

Brand campaigns that worked:

Global Campaign for Rwandan Human Rights released this video that showcases a person writing the needs of the community for a better future. It is accompanied by illustrations of Rwandan people to create a connect with the audience:


7. Kargil Vijay Diwas – 26 July

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Things you should know before pursuing a career in Defence

Infographic idea: The branches of the military

Video idea: The most inspirational movies about Indian soldiers

Podcast idea: The strongest armed forces in the world

Brand campaigns that worked:

In 2016, Pidilite launched the #BondOfLove campaign to create awareness about Kargil Vijay Diwas and honour the country’s soldiers by encouraging children to create handmade Rakhis and cards for their brothers in the Armed Forces:

Titled ‘Duty’, Hyundai came up with this touching ad that told the story of a Hyundai Santro owner who helps a newly commissioned Army officer report to his station on time. It conveys the message that everyone, be it a civilian or a soldier, upholds the spirit of the country:


8. World Hepatitis Day – 28 July

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Healthy eating for chronic Hepatitis

Infographic idea: Hepatitis: Types, symptoms, and treatments

Video idea: How technology is helping battle Hepatitis B

Podcast idea: Myths and misconceptions related to Hepatitis

Brand campaigns that worked:

This short, crisp video in bright colours and simple 2D animation format by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control creates awareness about the types of Hepatitis and increases the understanding of viral Hepatitis:


9. International Tiger Day – 29 July

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Love animals? Here’s why a career in zoology is suitable for you

Infographic idea: Tiger reserves with the maximum tiger population

Video idea: Animal prints that inspired fashion

Podcast idea: The role of tigers in the ecosystem

Brand campaigns that worked:

In a bid to raise awareness for International Tiger Day, Micromax Bangladesh posted two images on social media and asked its followers to spot the tigers. However, there was not a single tiger in the images shared. The campaign was called ‘Roar for help’ and was aimed at highlighting the diminishing number of Tigers in the country:

Think you can spot the endangered animal in this photo, this #InternationalTigerDay? Stay tuned for the next photo! #RoarForHelp

Posted by Micromax Mobile Bangladesh on Friday, July 29, 2016


The WWF created this cool, effective campaign connecting the uniqueness of thumb prints to tiger stripes. It was aimed at creating awareness about the diminishing tiger population, and work towards doubling this number:



10. Festivals & Fun Days:

Creative Ice Cream Flavours Day – 1 July

International Joke Day – 1 July

International Chicken Wings Day – 1 July

World UFO Day – 2 July

International Kissing Day – 6 July

Chocolate Day – 7 July

Video Games Day – 8 July

Guru Purnima – 16 July

World Emoji Day – 17 July

Cousins Day – 24 July


Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Easy recipes for whipping up your own ice-cream

Infographic idea: The history of chocolate

Video idea: Why Guru Purnima is considered an auspicious day to buy gold

Podcast idea: What it takes to become a game designer


11. Sports

ICC Cricket World Cup Knockouts – July 1st to 14th

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Reasons why children should play multiple sports

Infographic idea: Cricket: Not just a game

Video idea: The most inspiring cricketing moments of all time

Podcast idea: Things to know before pursuing a career as a cricketer

British Grand Prix – 14th July

German Grand Prix – 28 July

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Diet Plan: What to eat before you race

Infographic idea: The economics of Formula 1

Video idea: Behind the scenes at an F1 race

Podcast idea: Everything you need to know about building a career in motorsport

Tour De France –6th to 28th July

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Things to do when in Paris during Tour de France

Infographic idea: Tour de France: Route and stage analysis

Video idea: The pro’s guide to Tour de France

Podcast idea: Equipment and accessories that every cycling enthusiast must own


12. Movie Releases

Spider-Man: Far From Home – 2 July

Midsommar – 3 July

Prassthanam – 6 July

Super 30 – 12 July

The Lion King – 19 July

David Crosby: Remember My Name – 19 July

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – 26 July

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Ranked: The best Sci-Fi movies

Infographic idea: The process of making an animation movie

Video idea: Keeping up with the Marvel Universe

Podcast idea: What are the career opportunities in the VFX industry?


Celebrity Birthdays

Tom Hanks – 9 July

Sunil Gavaskar – 10 July

Jhumpa Lahiri – 11 July

Malala Yousafzai – 12 July

Vin Diesel – 18 July

Priyanka Chopra – 18 July

Benedict Cumberbatch – 19 July

Naseeruddin Shah – 20 July

Selena Gomez – 22 July

Daniel Radcliffe – 23 July

Jennifer Lopez – 24 July

Matt Leblanc – 25 July

Sanjay Dutt – 29 July

JRD Tata – 29 July


Content marketing ideas:

Article idea: Extreme role preparation: Actors who made drastic changes for a character

Infographic idea: Unforgettable on-screen characters played by Benedict Cumberbatch

Video idea: Priyanka Chopra’s journey to becoming one of the most influential Indian actors

Podcast idea: How to pursue a career in acting or modelling in India


The monsoons may be a tad delayed, but we are here to serve you fresh, effective, and creative content ideas all month long!