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October 2021 – Scatter Content Calendar
After 18 months of living in a pandemic state of mind, things appear to be returning to normal, albeit with some caution. While the road has been long, the resilience and determination of the entire country have helped get us here today. Of course, vaccine compliance has played a significant role as well. Over 63.....
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Scatter Monthly Calendar – May 2021

May 2021
What’s happening in May 2021? COVID-19 vaccination available for all adults from 1 May Content marketing ideas:    Listicle idea: X Precautions you must take before and after vaccination Infographic idea: How can you register online for the COVID vaccine? Video idea: How does the first wave of COVID differ from the second? Podcast idea: Why.....
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Apr 2021

How fluid moment marketing can up your marketing game

moment Marketing
From the Don’t Rush challenge, Renaissance Painting, Buss It challenge to Vroom Vroom, different trends take the internet by storm every day. People across the world follow and participate in these trends. Given the captive audiences, these are a goldmine for brands to leverage to their benefit. So how do these viral trends convert into.....
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