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Aug 2020

Image vs illustration: When to choose one over the other

Image vs Illustration
There is no doubt that a visual element adds volumes to a piece of work – whether it’s an ad, marketing collateral, an article, or a research paper. But using the wrong visual format can take away the impact of the content. So, the question is: what visual format should you use, and when? Let’s compare.....
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Jul 2020

Content Marketing Ideas for your August Calendar

August Content Marketing Ideas
Unlock 3.0. The race to creating a vaccine. Flattening the curve. Work from home. The past few months saw COVID-19 dominating the conversations at a global level. But as we enter the month of August, we find new events and trends coming into the spotlight. It marks the shift from uncertainty and fear, to hope.....
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Jul 2020

What bad copywriting looks like

Copy Mistakes made by brands in India that can jeopardize their content marketing
Bad copywriting is to a brand what typing ‘lyk dis’ is to a person’s social credibility. Back in 2010, when social media was a new thing, ‘chat language’ may have seemed cool. But now, in 2020, if you were to receive such a text, you’d instinctively cringe, and probably ignore the person. Similarly, the way.....
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