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Apr 2021

Topical content: Going beyond traditional marketing to generate marketing ideas

Topical content marketing, newsjacking, or moment marketing is the ability to take a current story, event, or festive moment and create a campaign around it. Think Amul slogan billboards, the countless Game of Thrones memes used by marketers, or the Six-Word Horror Story trend that was lapped up by Dell, Kellogg’s, and Nearbuy. Topical marketing sticks because it takes a trending moment.....
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Mar 2021

Interactive content drives customer engagement. Here’s how

interactive content
Interactive content, as the name suggests, is a unique form of content that actively encourages users to engage with it, instead of passively consuming it as in the case of blogs or articles. It creates a unique experience for users as they become a part of the brand’s storytelling process and is likely to stick.....
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Feb 2021

8 Stages involved in the creation of content before it goes live

Stages of content piece
Contributors: Konica Kamra, Sanchea D’Souza and Swapnil Adsul
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