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Jun 2020

The Emergence of Voice Technology in Content Marketing

Voice Technology
Brands all over the world are taking advantage of voice technology or voice search as the new marketing strategy of choice. Voice search has been around for many years, but its usage and importance have been increasing exponentially only in recent times. Mobile devices equipped with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and speech recognition technology are contributing.....
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May 2020

Content Marketing Opportunities for June 2020

June - Content Marketing
The month of June sees us transitioning from a summer state of mind to monsoon musings. Litchis and cherries replace mangoes, umbrellas replace summer hats, and a new academic year is welcomed. This time, the month also holds hopes of transitioning into a post-lockdown era as various industries begin to reopen operations. So, how are.....
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May 2020

Marketing during a crisis: 6 Customer Touchpoints to focus

Customer Touchpoints
Customer touchpoints are ways in which a business can interact with customers. Measures taken to control the spread of coronavirus have disrupted the free flow of people, goods, and services, so brands are reassessing their digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing often gets overlooked for smaller businesses, but maintaining communication and keeping consumers engaged during the.....
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