August 23, 2019

Scatter Content Box – Digital Asset Manager

Let’s say you need to compile a series of social media posts titled “Leaders Speak” before 3 top executives from your company who are set to make a keynote speech. What are the elements you would need to put together this post?

  1. Pictures of top executives
  2. Quotes from top executives
  3. Brand logos
  4. Logos of social media platforms
  5. Template for the post created as per the brand guidelines

Wouldn’t it be great if we had one place to store all of this and have them organized for easy access? Scatter Content Box a personalized Digital Asset Management System, aims to solve this problem.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the management, organization, and distribution of digital assets from a central repository.1

A digital asset is not just digital content. We need to have additional information associated with this content that lets us understand the relevant search words. This would help us look up relevant assets in the repository. This additional information is known as metadata.

Why Digital Asset Management?

Brands are storing these assets over Google Drive, WeTransfer, DropBox, etc., and currently, it is difficult to search for these assets. This is because none of these platforms provide a way to search what these documents or images contain, and are rather reliant on the file name. This is where the meta-information stored along with each asset is helpful.

Search statistics

What all can you store?

1. Brand Guidelines

2. Presentations

3. Reports (Annual Meetings, Investor Meetings)

4. Product Portfolio

5. PR

6. Photoshoots

7. Offline Marketing Creatives

8. Videos

9. Podcasts

10. Raw Design Files

11. Awards

Digital asset managemnet

Now that you know what digital asset management is about, let’s do a deep dive into the features of the Scatter Content Box.

Scatter Content Box Features


1. Organizer: Create relevant folders to organize your brand assets.

This includes all the basic features of a cloud-based file storage system. All the images will show with a thumbnail and the documents will appear with a relevant icon. You can double click on any file to view details/download the file.

Content box


2. Secure Access: Define access for your team members – who can see what.

This is an important feature when you are working with large marketing teams. Not everyone needs to see everything. Hence, you can define access privileges on the files and folders that you upload. You can request access for files/folders. You can also accept/reject requests from other team members.

Access and approvals

3. Smart Search –
Amazon Image Recognition algorithm automatically tags your images on visual aspects for a smarter search of your assets.

We are using a combination of machine learning techniques to analyze the different images saved in your Scatter Content Box. It will identify the objects, emotions, setting, etc., and automatically tag the images based on the algorithm.

You can also search for any influencer photoshoots or launch events done in the past with the celebrity recognition feature.




4. Reports: A log of all searches, downloads, and a breakdown of the asset types.

To view all the activity happening on the Scatter Content Box, you can head to the Reports section.



1. Better than Dropbox/Google Drive as Smart Tags allow contextual search for visual content

2. Search becomes 5x faster

3. Brings transparency and better collaboration

How does this add to the existing Product Suite?

Here are 3 broad problems of the marketing teams that we already cater to –

1. How do I manage my content? Scatter WMS

2. How do I plan for my content marketing activities in advanceScatter Recommend

Scatter Content Box will help you access your digital assets faster, make quick edits and get a visual content piece ready in no time.

This takes us one step closer to our ultimate goal – helping brands create better content faster.