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Sep 2019

Easy to use tools to measure the performance of your content

Tools for measuring content performance
So you’re creating valuable, creative, and memorable pieces of content for your business. Great! With your content marketing game going strong, it is important to assess the performance of your content. There are two ways for a business to do this. The first and most obvious way is to hire an expensive professional who can.....
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Mar 2018

Leveraging Twitter analytics to maximise engagement

Twitter Analytics : Blocks of wood mentioning "RETWEET" - Scatter
A large part of content marketing involves regularly measuring the performance of your posts. But, evaluating your tweet’s performance is extremely convenient. The “tweets” tab at the top of your “analytics” dashboard gives you all the information about the response received by your tweets. This can be leveraged to improve your social media marketing strategy.....
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Feb 2018

Why data visualization and content marketing is a match made in heaven

An image showing various inforgraphics - Content Marketing Data Visualization Scatter
Content marketing strategies have evolved from merely putting out creative content to actual storytelling with an impact. And what makes this narrative more effective is the clever way of using data – surveys, research and statistics – to create insightful and valuable content. Here are a few examples on the best way to use data.....
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