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Mar 2020

Micro moment marketing and the subtle art of leveraging it

Micro Moment Marketing
There’s no better feeling than finding just what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it. In this digital age, customers have it easy by consulting their smartphones and other devices to find something in a jiffy. Whether it’s a quick recipe for a sudden craving or a restaurant that will deliver a meal at.....
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Jan 2020

How to feed content for best results along the buyer journey

Content Marketing Buyer Journey
Selling a product online isn’t easy in the face of intense competition. Content marketing thus becomes more significant than ever. And a good content marketing strategy should possess some essential ingredients to feed the consumer with the right content at the right time. As a seasoned digital marketer, you will know that there are different.....
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May 2019

How to create content for different stages of a user journey

User journey - A man to make a purchase is moving by the specified route with the following steps: awareness, consideration, reviews, choice, purchase - Scatter
Does content marketing drive results? Yes! Is mapping the user journey critical? Also, yes! Any marketer worth his salt knows that both content marketing and mapping the user journey are essential ingredients for creating a stellar marketing strategy, but combining the two isn’t as easy as making a quick PB&J sandwich. The challenge lies in.....
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