August 1, 2019

How webinars help your brand grow and achieve business goals

How webinars help grow your brand and drive business results

If you’re in the B2B domain, it is very important to establish your credibility and expertise. And crafting a B2B content marketing plan requires meticulous strategizing and execution while weaving together multiple ideas. Talking about different ideas, have you considered making webinars a part of your content marketing plan? According to this survey, 76% of B2B buyers relied on webinars in the previous 12 months to make a purchase decision.

Let’s consider why you too should do likewise.

B2B businesses have a specific, well-defined target group. Educating this audience on the benefits of your offering – and more importantly, why they should choose you – is a great way of expanding your reach and gaining recognition. And what better way to do this than through webinars?

Webinars help you reach multiple businesses at any given time and also help you save on resources that would have otherwise been spent in personally meeting multiple people. They have been proven to drive revenue for B2B brands. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Access to a bigger basket of leads

Through a webinar, you can reach a much larger audience, as opposed to pitching your idea individually to different businesses. A bigger basket of leads automatically increases your chances of more conversions. Here’s a tip: To take advantage of this huge platform, instead of talking about the wonders your offering can do, you could showcase the results and let your work do the talking.

2. Opening a dialogue with your audience

Having a Q&A session at the end of your webinar will really help you strike up conversations with your audience. Later, after gauging which of the prospects had a higher engagement rate during the webinar, you can focus on them to build or nurture long-term partnerships.

Apart from attracting new clients, webinars also help to strengthen your relationship with existing clientele. By staying in touch through such informational webinars, one can inculcate a sense of brand loyalty. It can also serve as a bonus if your clientele puts in a good word for you during the webinar.

3. An investment for the future

A good webinar can actually turn out to be an investment. Most brands in the B2B line of business often make videos or booklets explaining their products. A webinar such as yours can be useful to brands for this purpose. Helping your clients by sharing webinars allows you to build trust. Additionally, when you approach new clients, you can make use of these webinars to showcase your authority in the industry.

4. Brand recognition and resonance

Marketing campaigns are definitely the way to go when talking about brand recognition and resonance. But creating brand recognition takes time and you have to work towards it. How can webinars help here? If your offering is (say) cloud computing, let your webinars talk about anything and everything that falls under the ambit of that subject. Slowly and steadily, your audience will come to associate your brand with the term ‘cloud computing’.

5. Overcoming geographical constraints and gauging impact

Since your webinars will be hosted online, you can encourage participation across geographies. What’s more, by using various online tools you can gauge the impact of your webinars. For instance, you can track top cities/states that provide the most participants. With this data, you can identify the untapped potential for your business. If your webinar is available for download, you can compare and analyze the number of views at the time the webinar took place, as against the downloads that happened later.

Webinars allow you to establish multiple goals. Some of the important ones include meeting the right people, educating your audience, and establishing your name in the market. So why wait? Make webinars a part of your B2B content marketing strategy, if you haven’t done so already!