January 21, 2020

5 Game-changing content marketing trends for 2020

Content Marketing Trends 2020

While storytelling is innate to human beings and content is hailed as king, the real strength of it has been felt only since social media and digital marketing started to grow by leaps and bounds.

Content marketing is not only an art; it’s a science too. This can be seen in the consumer-driven content marketing strategies set up by many companies. Let us look at some content marketing trends that we expect to see this year:

1. Visual storytelling

We have seen a sharp increase in the way stories around a brand are visually being told. This will see a further rise this year as it has a very compelling and emotional association with viewers. The target audience engages extensively with brands these days; the authenticity and quality of visual content will make it easier to convert them into buying customers.

2. Social media and e-commerce

Through digital marketing and the use of various social media platforms, more customers are turning to e-commerce for their buying needs. This has led to much advancement in the design and development of mobile devices to make it user-friendly for customers to handle online retailer apps.

3. Content personalization

For dynamic content delivery, it is important to personalize and establish an original brand voice. The days of spam mailers are long gone; with consumers today being just a click away from buying a product, brands are using social media to know more about them – their likes, interests, hobbies, etc. This personalization is used to provide dynamic content that is relevant and exact. This encourages customers to advance to the next step in the buying process.

4. Virtual assistants

The arrival of Siri, Alexa, Bixby, etc., has signaled a major shift in the digital world. It’s a clear indication for businesses to incorporate and adopt voice search technologies on their platforms and interfaces to make user interaction easier and to keep ahead of the competition.

5. Viral videos

Viral videos or user-generated content is becoming the norm these days, not only with millennials but with older generations as well. You can use this fan base to help share information on your products and brands. The value of third-party reviews is much higher, so it leads to more authentic interest from your audience.

In view of these trends in content marketing in 2020, you can plan your strategies well ahead and decide how to go about implementing them. Go on, get an edge over the competition!

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