June 24, 2019

5 Ways email signature helps drive revenue for your organization

Businessman Signing on Email Signature Concept

Times are changing and so are mediums of communication. But even today in the business sphere emails play a critical medium of conveying messages to one another. Woven intricately in our daily professional life, on an average 205 billion email are sent and received each day! While mail content can often be ignored or forgotten, signatures are not. Here’s how your email signature can help fuel revenue to your business:

1. Interactive Promotion 

Besides including your name and contact details, your email signature can be used as a medium to leverage brand promotion. Is there any event your organisation is hosting or a conference? Well, use your email signature to promote it! While we cannot guarantee several registrations, it sure is a great way to reach out to your target audience in a subtle yet creative way.

2. New Products & Discounts 

Your employees send and receive thousands of emails each month. But did you know that just by tweaking your email signature with a link of your new products or discounts on old ones can convert traffic into leads? Choose your best products, highlight them and then promote service packages you don’t want your customers to miss.

3. Video Launch 

Sharing new videos, as a part of your email signature, is a great marketing tool if you are looking to boost your organization’s work. An average employee receives 122 emails a day, and the only way to build a connection is by creating something that stands apart. An eye-catching video still as a part of your email signature has the power to engage customers better than just typed letters.

4. Industry Data

As an organization, you work hard to be number one, and when you do get awarded for the same, adding it your email signature it is one of the smartest things to do. Letting your clients know about a success or an award you have won in your industry domain boosts brand credibility and in-turn loyalty. However, be humble, educate them about the award and guide them to your home page for more information.

5. Landing Pages 

As an organization, we know you spend thousands on building your landing pages. But what good is it if your audience does not find it? The least you can do to drive traffic to your home page and social media handles is by adding a link of it to your email signature. Incorporating your business homepage link to your signature will boost awareness of your brand name and increase reach amongst potential clients.

You are already using your email signature to provide all the information you need to share. But maximizing its use as a call-to-action feature regularly drive both leads and revenue to your organization, and is a win-win solution.