April 1, 2019

Why micro-influencers may be a suitable option for your brand

When to choose micro-influencers : An influencer posting a picture on Instagram. Inluencer wearing trendy clothes with a pink cap and pink phone

The influencer marketing game has transformed into a billion-dollar industry today and is set to grow even more by the end of 2020. Considering we live in a digital age, the term influencer is not unfamiliar; but micro-influencers is a term still unheard of by many. The question that marketers are asking today is: “Who are micro-influencers and how are they better for my brand?” 

Micro-influencers are individuals with a reach range of 1,000 to 1,00,000 but are oracles in their niche areas. Here are 5 reasons why these experts could be a better choice for your brand as compared to regular influencers.  

1. A Different Breed 

A more approachable and reasonable part of influencer marketing is micro-influencers. They may not boast of a vast audience but have an excellent command over the few thousand that follow them. Their authenticity and human nature are what drives their audiences to follow them. Don’t let their small numbers trick you into thinking they aren’t successful at what they do, because what truly counts is their impressive prowess over their followers. 

2. Higher Engagement Rate 

Despite having a considerably lower number of followers than macro-influencers, these experts have proven to deliver a higher engagement rate over others. Since micro-influencers are more driven to their craft, they have been believed to deliver a 60% higher engagement rate. Along with 22.2% more weekly interaction with consumers in their space! 

3. Better Convincing Power 

Micro-influencers are not your usual celebrities but commoners who could be your friend or neighbor. Their approachability is their USP. 49% of people have agreed to trust recommendations by micro-influencers when making brand related purchasing decisions. Since their reviews and suggestions are honest, they tend to have higher conversion rates over their peers in the market. 

4. Affordable 

A pretty straightforward consideration for any brand is cost. Using a celebrity influencer means digging deep into marketing budgets. On the contrary, a micro-influencer is more affordable and can bring you desirable results despite their follower size and popularity. Reach out to individuals who are specialists in their niche and monitor the engagement rate with their followers. 

5. Niche Markets

If the goal of your brand is promotion, micro-influencers are your best bet. For content to best resonate with your target group, a story must be woven around the brand before it is sold. Micro-influencers ensure maximum content is consumed by their followers and are thereby more effective for long-term campaigns. Their niche knowledge of the industry gives them an upper hand to evoke both credibility and long-term loyalty in consumers. 


The game of micro-influencers is simple. They are more credible, relatable and humble when it comes to connecting with target groups. Something big celebrity influencers lack. Their follower base is more tightly knit making them a more effective marketing tool for your business.