April 14, 2021

Moment Marketing: How Scatter Recommends can help you

moment marketing

A few days ago, we were all amused by a viral ad featuring Rahul Dravid. Called ‘Indiranagar ka Gunda’, the viral ad for Cred saw an otherwise extremely calm person go into complete road rage. This ad hit a nerve and soon there were memes flooding the internet. Many other brands from Durex to Amul, and even the Mumbai Police, jumped on the opportunity to ride on this viral wave and become part of the conversation. We live in an ‘always on’ digital world. People of all ages are consuming content all the time. Even if they have five minutes to spare, their reflex is to turn to their phone and quickly scroll through social media. This means to stay relevant brands have to have their game face on 24X7 to track what conversations are going on and find an intelligent way to be part of it to stand out in an overcrowded market. Whether it is a Tik Tok challenge, a viral story, or a Twitter trend, brands need to not only be aware of them but act on them while the trend is still hot. This brings us to a new marketing phenomenon that brands should leverage called Moment Marketing. 

What is Moment Marketing?

Moment Marketing is identifying a key online or social moment and cashing on it, much like what Amul and Durex did. It is essentially spotting dynamically changing online trends and using it to your own advantage by becoming part of the conversation, at very little cost. Moment Marketing often leads to seemingly spontaneous and quite often fleeting interactions with customers, but when done right, can lead to maximum impact. While it sounds great on paper (and it is), it is easier said than done. The biggest challenge of Moment Marketing is not being able to stay on the pulse of trends by either entirely losing track of them or missing the boat by reacting late. With 24X7 news cycles, something new is happening at all times. It is very easy for brands to slip and lose opportunities. Secondly, even if they do spot a chance, they often take time to ideate, get the messaging right and create content that can hit the mark. This means instead of leading the conversation, they appear as a brand that follows them. 

How Netflix does it right?

Netflix’s Twitter game is very strong. Lockdown? Use it to binge-watch at home. Raining? Have a cutting chai and watch Netflix. Watched a stressful cricket match? Rewind with your favorite comedy movie on Netflix. The brand picks every moment it can and turns it into a Netflix moment without undertaking heavy advertising costs. Not only that, it also creates moments with memes from new shows it is streaming and starts conversations around it. Their immense shareability ensures the show gets a large viewership. While Netflix is still relatively new to the game, we have been seeing Amul bank on Moment Marketing via its billboards for decades. From hit Bollywood songs, nail-biting sporting matches, political issues, social issues, Union Budgets, Women’s Day to rising fuel costs, Amul uses every major issue to draw attention, educate the masses or simply put a smile to their faces, while inserting their brand message smartly.

Be the next Netflix or Amul with Scatter Recommends

Solving the biggest pain-point for brands, Scatter Recommends is India’s first fully automated talking tool that can keep brands abreast of trending conversations in real-time. This way brands do not miss any opportunity to engage with their target audience. Not only does Scatter Recommends inform brands of ‘what’s hot, but it also gives them relevant content that can enable them to have meaningful conversations around the topic. An intelligent tool, Scatter Recommends understands the ethos of your brand and what your audience wants. It uses this data to give you bespoke suggestions on day-to-day topical issues that you can insert yourself in. Its end-to-end services also arm you with quirky, funny, thought-provoking, and relevant content that your audience can relate to, while at the same time creating top-of-the-mind recall for your brand. Whether it is the elections, a new TV show, a development in the ongoing pandemic, the valiant work of frontline workers, a sports victory, or an international fashion event, Scatter Recommends can tell you when and how to lead conversations.

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Contributors: Aditya, Sanchea and Swapnil