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Apr 2021

Moment Marketing: How Scatter Recommends can help you

moment marketing
A few days ago, we were all amused by a viral ad featuring Rahul Dravid. Called ‘Indiranagar ka Gunda’, the viral ad for Cred saw an otherwise extremely calm person go into complete road rage. This ad hit a nerve and soon there were memes flooding the internet. Many other brands from Durex to Amul,.....
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Apr 2019

7 Email Newsletters that every marketer must subscribe to

Email Newsletters Concept : Hand holding smartphone with receive newsletter form screen on cafe background
As a marketing professional, there is perhaps no better place to learn about the latest news in the industry than through newsletters. Quality content combined with a fresh fluid voice makes a newsletter both, easy and interesting to read. It comes as no surprise then, that newsletters are one of the most effective marketing tools......
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Sep 2017

Content Marketing: The GE way

Content Marketing
The Content Marketing World 2017 opened with some crystal ball gazing from Joe Pulizzi, the godfather of content marketing himself. Predictions about where we are headed in the future made much of the crowd go hmmm (remember the C+C Music Factory song?). Linda Boff from GE followed with an extremely relevant keynote address, and Scatter.....
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