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Apr 2021

Ace Marketing Asset Management with These Simple Tips

marketing assets management
At every stage in marketing, there’s a need to look back and take stock of all the marketing assets that are there in your organization. Marketing assets include not only assets that you or your team has created but also ‘marketable’ assets, such as presentations or research, from other teams that you could refer to.....
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Feb 2021

Complex customer journeys need something new. Think marketing automation

marketing automation
Even before we dive into the benefits of marketing automation, here’s how your customer journey looks like today. Ria is a die-hard fan of the stationery brand ABC. ABC Stationery has an excellent offline and online presence. It has physical stores across India, an awesome online store, and even a mobile app that customers can.....
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Feb 2021

A Day in the Life of a Content Creator

Content creator's life
A content creator’s life is a mix of interesting and exhausting; there’s never a day when it isn’t satisfying. While many may have the luxury of hitting the snooze button once or twice, I’ve rarely enjoyed that privilege. Instead, my day starts early (often as soon as my feet hit the ground) by scouting the.....
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