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Oct 2017

Is Google AdWords right for your website?

Google Adwords Content marketing influencer marketing
Website owners often face a dilemma when trying to decide how to promote their sites best online. An attractive option is Google AdWords, a pay-per-click advertising network that allows advertisers to bid on target keywords in their ads. The more popular a keyword, the more expensive it will be to bid on. These ads are.....
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Sep 2017

The great content marketing story

Scatter Video thumbnails - Website - 3
With the largest number of AdBlock users in the world, the Indian market presents an unmatched content marketing opportunity for brands. Here’s how Scatter is helping more than 100 of India’s biggest brands make their mark in the lives of India’s 430+ million internet users.
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Sep 2017

Marketing your business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Content Marketing
LinkedIn is a growing business networking site which provides various ways to promote yourself, your business, and your brand. Marketing with LinkedIn works well with other promotional efforts and is easy to implement. Here are some tips to help you get started.   Profile Points! Marketing with LinkedIn starts with setting up a strong profile......
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