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Sep 2021

How can file sharing sites compromise your sensitive data?

filesharing sites
Ever thought about how if it weren’t for the internet, we’d be so lost today. Just consider the volume of data transferred over the internet daily and how much work gets done thanks to the digital explosion. Every time a web page loads, you upload a file or check your email, you’re making a digital.....
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Aug 2021

What to expect from a Digital Asset Management Tool in 2021

file sharing
With the advent of the new normal, our life is glued to one screen or the other and digital advertising has received an impetus across the world. It is predicted that global digital advertising spend would be worth a whopping US$526.1 billion by 2024. So, you can also expect an increase in the adoption and.....
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Aug 2021

The Ultimate DAM Buying Guide

DAM buying guide
The number of customer segments that organizations need to cater to is rising, showing no signs of slowing down. Naturally, this has created the need for personalized experiences that can only be fulfilled by customized content. However, this has resulted in businesses facing a whole new set of challenges in managing the massive volume of.....
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