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Jun 2020

Marketing techniques to drive activation for your product

Marketing techniques to drive activation
You worked hard with your technology team to get the best product out in the market. But once it is launched, you realize that it does not sell. The reasons for the same could be lack of planning, inability to understand the target audience needs or improper execution. The biggest challenge in today’s market is.....
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Feb 2020

A consumer centric approach to crafting your website content

Consumer-centric approach to marketing
There is a reason for a fundamental shift in approach in digital marketing – from brand-centric to consumer-centric. The advantages are too many to ignore! An online customer is spoilt for choice when they go online and try to zero in on a company to enter into business with. Customers of today are far more aware,.....
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Dec 2019

Best of video marketing campaigns by brands in 2019

Video Marketing Examples
Designing a successful marketing campaign isn’t easy. Even if things are done to perfection, there’s no guarantee that it will be a hit. Essentially, what one must do is include as many ingredients as possible that experts recommend and wait for the campaign to work its magic. The importance of video marketing is increasing every.....
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