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Dec 2019

Keyword Targeting : Do it the right way to improve brand visibility

Brand visibility through keyword targeting
Keywords can be termed as one or more words that people use to search for information. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), such words are added to websites, blogs, meta-descriptions, etc. with the goal of getting noticed by internet users and search engines. The process of using these words to become more discoverable is better known.....
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Nov 2019

How will Google’s algorithm changes affect your brand?

Google BERT Search Algorithm
Any news of a tweak in Google’s search algorithm is a heart-in-the-mouth situation for many digital marketers. If it’s a major update, it can result in a massive reshuffle in rankings. Penalizing or blocking of websites is bound to take place, which could affect your brand’s visibility in due course. If you are someone who.....
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Oct 2019

5 SEO tools to give a boost to your page rankings

SEO tools to boost your page rankings
With the internet being accessed every second of every day, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has never been more vital than it is today. And the key to improving your site’s performance is to adopt a simple SEO tool. If you’re looking for tools to quickly optimize your search results, here are some online tools that will up your SEO game in no.....
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